1. eXntrc

    Support for a Tesla UserVoice

    I recently submitted a feature request to Tesla, and in the e-mail exchange that followed it became clear to me there is currently no way for owners to vote on the issues that affect us most. In reply to my original request, the support person said: "We thank you for reaching out to us...
  2. NYer

    Fantastic Mobile Service Experience

    I just had my first Tesla service visit and it could not have been better. It started by scheduling a visit to a service facility to have Tesla add my dual motor badge to my Model 3. Shortly thereafter, they let me know that it would be changed to a mobile service visit, which was fine with...
  3. rxlawdude

    Delivery Problems?

    A couple of people on the Tesla owned fora have been disappointed at the last moment when Tesla informed them their cars were not in fact ready - the cars were apparently not even at the designated delivery center. This was at Costa Mesa and Marina del Rey, California delivery centers. One of...

    Online Service Scheduling Now Available

    I didn’t see this posted yet. The Online Service Scheduling tool is now available via your MyTesla Account
  5. P

    Battery Breather service

    I dropped my Model 3 off this morning at my local service center to have them look at a small issue and on the service list in addition to my issue they had a line for installing a 'Battery Breather'. Does anyone know what this is? I'm assuming it is a fix for some issue they may have found...
  6. R

    Charge Port Door - Manual Open Broke

    Charge port door will not open when manually pressed. This is caused by a missing parallelogram shaped piece of metal on the lower right underside of the door detaching. This metal piece falls off with a simple touch and can be lost very easily. So far my Model 3 and my father's have both had...
  7. @

    Paint nicks already argh

    Welp one week in found some annoying pain nicks on the hood. I eventually want to wrap car (I think) but any advice from anyone? Does Tesla have a service that will fix or other thoughts ?
  8. mbrucem

    Tesla Support w/ Battery Issue

    If you have been following me on twitter (@mbrucem), you will know of my trip from Fremont to MN, and the issue that I had on the 3rd night in Council Bluffs, IA. Net: Tesla service has been great, but the towing partners might need an upgrade. My car is in service and I will likely have it...
  9. TrevP

    Service Centres and Model 3 preparedness

    Not sure how many of you have visited a Tesla service centre (not a showroom) but I've noticed the one closest to me (Lawrence street in Toronto) is completely overwhelmed with deliveries and servicing Model S/X. There is another location opening in the GTA in Oakville but that's an hour drive...