service center

  1. B

    Question NH service options

    This is my first post. I live in the Greater Nashua area. Hello everyone, and thanks in advance! Where are NH Tesla owners going (or avoiding), for their service/repairs and why? Do they prefer Watertown, MA, or Peabody, MA when they must go to a Tesla service center? Do they get loaner...
  2. T

    Nova Scotia

    Hello from Nova Scotia [New to TOO. If I didn't post this appropriately, please give guidance.] Anticipating a Model Y Long Range Dual Motor purchase in May. How have other Nova Scotians gotten their deliveries? Will I have to pick the thing up in Montreal or Quebec City? What is the local...
  3. potatoee

    Danvers Massachusetts Service Center

    Was just driving up 128 north of Boston and noticed a building being set up as a new delivery/service center. Located on the northeast corner of the Northshore Mall parking lot in Danvers. I couldn't get a picture. I think it used to be a Sears battery center prior but am not sure. Get off at...
  4. Brokedoc

    Tesla Service Center Repair Experience(s)

    I was at my local Tesla service center yesterday to have a few issues addressed and I wanted to share the experience to those that are not yet owners. I haven't yet used the Tesla Mobile repair service so perhaps @SoFlaModel3 can add to this thread since he had a recent Mobile service call. I...
  5. littlD

    Service Bulletins - Real or Imagined

    I'm wondering if we can help each other with highlighting any additional work that appears on a service write-up or service estimate that isn't something we asked for but was added free of charge, like this when all I wanted was a new set of tires: Concern: Replace Charge Port Pin Deadfronts...
  6. Bokonon

    New Tesla Location in Rhode Island?

    Looks like Tesla is making another push to open a showroom (and service center?) in Rhode Island, this time at a location across from the Warwick Mall. A licensing hearing is scheduled for October 9th. Per the Providence Journal:
  7. ymilord

    Strange Window Behavior - Driver side controls

    Strangely enough, after 933 miles, neither my wife or I have opened/used any of the windows in the car until today. From the driver side controls- if you attempt to open the front passenger side window from the front driver side controls- the passenger window and the rear left side passenger...
  8. Z

    Rattle from behind steering wheel

    My model 3 has a rattling noise coming from behind the steering wheel. It can be heard at lower speeds when driving on a slightly bumpy surface. Every morning I hear it driving out on the smaller streets and pulling into a parking lot. The rattling is drown out by wind noise when going at...
  9. Bokonon

    New Westwood (MA) Showroom; Dedham to Become Service Center

    TMC user ivolodin is reporting that a new Tesla showroom will be opening "shortly" in Westwood, MA, about 2 miles down Providence Highway from Tesla's current location in Dedham. The Dedham location will subsequently become a dedicated Service Center, and (my speculation) remain a Delivery...
  10. R

    Charge Port Door - Manual Open Broke

    Charge port door will not open when manually pressed. This is caused by a missing parallelogram shaped piece of metal on the lower right underside of the door detaching. This metal piece falls off with a simple touch and can be lost very easily. So far my Model 3 and my father's have both had...
  11. Rick59

    Need an Ottawa Service Center

    My Model X will not install updates due to a malfunctioning falcon wing door sensor. Ranger came to Ottawa from Montreal but couldn’t fix it. I had to drive to Montreal, drop it off and drive back with a loaner (90D Model S). Asked them to swap winter / summer wheels/tires. Today, they called to...
  12. mbrucem

    Tesla Support w/ Battery Issue

    If you have been following me on twitter (@mbrucem), you will know of my trip from Fremont to MN, and the issue that I had on the 3rd night in Council Bluffs, IA. Net: Tesla service has been great, but the towing partners might need an upgrade. My car is in service and I will likely have it...
  13. SinfoniaSam

    Owning a Tesla far away from a service center

    One of my only real concerns going into Model 3 ownership is maintenance. The closest Tesla service center to me is 3 hours across the boarder into Canada. If I want a service center in the states the closest is 4 hours away. Unfortunately because I live New York, Tesla is prevented from...