1. O

    Almost Robbed at a Tesla Charging Station - Tesla Should Show Its Community Some Love and Get Security

    Last night, charging in Oakland, I narrowly avoided being robbed. At charging stations during the night time, Tesla drivers are sitting ducks. If Tesla wants to become a truly global company in the 21st century, it should learn what the realities on the street are right on home turf in the San...
  2. TrevP

    HOT Cybertruck’s safety design

    Lots of armchair car engineers on the internet have suggested that Tesla employing 3mm thick stainless steel on the Cybertruck will result in more injuries for occupants in other cars or even pedestrians. Some think it’s due to the sharp angles or assuming they will not have crumples zones or...
  3. Gwgans

    Crash with injuries

    Sorry if this already posted. I am primarily interested in the safety implications of this car crash. Older driver listed as one of the seriously injured. Please add intel if you have it...
  4. Pinewold

    Official Autopilot OFFICIAL THREAD

    Is it Autopilot 2.0 and/or battery 2.0 and/or will it include production intent Model 3? Autopilot 2.0 seems to be the most likely, There are stories about new power walls doubling in battery capacity because they are based on 20170's? If it were Autopilot 2.0, it would make sense to put in...
  5. NOGA$4ME

    Tesla to report quarterly accident statistics

    From: Q3 2018 Vehicle Safety Report The Tesla Team October 4, 2018 At Tesla, the safety of our customers is our top priority, which is why it’s critical that we design and build the safest cars in the world. Not only do we conduct...
  6. SoFlaModel3

    Model 3 earns a perfect 5-star rating in every safety category from NHTSA
  7. E

    Auto Hold

    I wish the car would automatically engage in "HOLD" when the car is stopped. As of now, we would have to apply the brakes twice, once to stop and again to hold.
  8. Kizzy

    Glass Roof Design (What's it made of?)

    After reading this Consumer Report article about exploding panoramic roofs, I began wondering about the composition of the glass roof on the Model 3. I know safety is a concern for Tesla, but is this something the roof was designed to avoid? Has there been any history of exploding Tesla glass...
  9. Kbm3

    Collision avoidance path determination

    As the autopilot software becomes more sophisticated it seems like the vehicle should be able to plot the safest path in order to avoid a collision. The system should be able to control steering, braking and even acceleration as needed to follow this path. Since Elon stated in the unveiling...