1. J

    Sacramento/Rocklin store set to receive display M3 Apr 27

    I was at the Rocklin Tesla location Weds Apr 25, late afternoon and a delivery specialist confirmed that a showroom/display M3 is scheduled for delivery Fri, Apr 27. No detail on when it will be available for public tours, color, etc. Just an FYI for those interested in checking one out in...
  2. Bryan Baker

    "Features of Future Teslas," Montezuma's Revenge, Conversion

    Hiya fellow Tesla-freaks, I'm Bryan from Sacramento, CA. I've been a huge fan of Tesla since about the time the Roadster went out of production and since which time I've done a daily Google searches for "Tesla" and "Elon Musk." I have a scorching case of Tesla fever. Though I have a degree...