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  1. M

    Model Y Real World Range

    Hey I started logging real world miles vs. "battery miles." It's pretty early and the data is pretty noisy, but I'm getting ~ 270 real world miles vs. 316 advertised range with the AWD LR version with the Model Y roof rack on. I've set up a mileage log on google sheets that documents each trip...
  2. m3_4_wifey

    Model Y roof rack crossbars

    I've carried rowing shells on top of the Model 3. It's not ideal because the boat is 26' long (32' if we carry a double) and so there's a lot of bouncing around at either end that could be diminished if the cross bars where further apart. I have lines that I tie at the front and the back of...
  3. m3_4_wifey

    U-bolts or other way to secure to the Roof Rack

    So not everything I want to put on the car will fit off a t-bolt that goes in the slot and I prefer not to use straps as they tend to slide around in the wind. I'm thinking that I may have to buy some really wide U bolts because of the aero bar structure, but maybe I'm just thinking the wrong...
  4. m3_4_wifey

    Model 3 Roof Rack - Currently IN STOCK!

    [mod edit for Tesla shop page: ] Trevor mentioned that the latches for Model 3 roof racks are standard, yet I did not see any photos of that during the reveal. I need a roof rack for storing boats on the top of the...