roadster 2.0

  1. TrevP

    HOT Next Gen Roadster what we know so far

    Image courtesy of @canessos in Twitter List of known things about the next gen Roadster List Compiled courtesy of Exterior (1) The removal glass roof is moulded to support better air flow. (2) There are some additional aero pieces for air flow underneath where...
  2. Carspotter Daily

    Tapp - Tesla Application for mac

    Hello, I have spent a lot of time working on the new Tapp, and hope that is evident in the latest release. Since I now have developer signing, I have included a conventional .dmg disk to install I've tried to make the best possible user experience, and feel that the app could be...
  3. PTFI

    Was the Semi Truck/Roadster 2.0 event a welcome distraction?

    There was no mention of the Model 3 at the event. With over 400k people waiting for their vehicle to be delivered, many people that I know have found that to be very odd. So my question to all of you... "Was the Semi Truck/Roadster 2.0 Event a welcome distraction?" Yes or No