road trip

  1. GigaTexas

    Tesla owners travel preferences

    As a Tesla owner, when you travel: Do you bring your Tesla with you? If yes, do you look for a place to stay with EV charger? Do you want to bring your pet? What do you want the hotel to provide you as an amenity that you do not already get? ex: Car related movies, local coffee/tea brands...
  2. A

    Product Review First Road Trip Experience in an EV

    I have owned EVs for over 7 years but had never taken a trip longer than the round trip range on a single charge would allow. However after taking delivery of a Model Y LR on September 8 my wife and I embarked on a 1,400 mile round trip from the California Central Coast to Bend, Oregon. The...
  3. littlD


    It's time to plan out our Grand Tour of Canada, this time driving our 2020 Tesla Model Y Dual Motor. We'll follow part of the Fast EV Lightning Run at a much slower "tourist" pace, taking in all the sights, including a return trip to Yellowstone (#MiddieGoesToYellowstone) before returning...
  4. littlD

    30,000+ Miles Club

    Ok, just three days short of Middie's 1 year delivery anniversary, 30,000 miles. We were on our way to visit family for Memorial Day. I'll be updating @TeslaMiles of course. Join the Club, share your stories.
  5. E

    Supercharging limit and avoiding the dreaded 'thunk' noise

    I wasn't able to find this topic covered so I apologize if it is a rehash but I am planning to use a supercharger for the first time on an upcoming road trip and had a question. Has anyone played with reducing the amp. limit while charging to avoid excess heat while charging? Reading about...
  6. Rocco Speranza

    Dogs in Your Model 3

    How is everyone transporting your pups in your 3? Pictures appreciated! I’m planning to get a dog hammock for the back seat, but wanted to see if anyone had a better idea. My dog is hyper as heck 45lb ball of energy and will need to protect my interior. Anyone have this?
  7. W

    Model 3, Big Sur, and a Baby

    Hi All! Apologies if it's a boring read, but storytelling isn't my specialty, as I prefer taking pictures. Since we picked up the Model 3 in July, the wife and I had been talking about doing a little road trip. We have a baby in the house (8 months old at the time of the trip), and between...
  8. crmatson

    Iowa Maryland Trip

    Taking delivery of my Performance Model 3 in September 2018 was the culmination of years of saving and planning. Having no Tesla presence in Iowa, forums like the Model 3 Owners Club have been an invaluable resource. I continued driving my 2004 Honda Civic for years as I considered a Model S and...
  9. Frully

    The Orville's maiden voyage

    Not quite this Orville: No, This Orville: Waxed and tire shine'd. The blue with white is frankly phenomenal. Got her on the 27th and frankly couldn't be happier. It happened to line up with our vacation days so we decided to put her through her paces. Home, Calgary, AB. Destination...
  10. NOGA$4ME

    Road trip navigation tips

    Looking for a howto (or maybe some general advice). When I'm on a road trip, I can enter my destination and my car will nicely provide me with a route and any needed charging stops. Wonderful. But on my previous (first) road trip, the car had me arriving at my destination with 10% and didn't...
  11. zackmilo


    We are taking a road trip to Kettleman City from LA on Sunday, May 6! We meet at Space X Supercharger at 8:45AM and leaving for Kettleman City. I will bring snacks and my chrome deleted Model 3 and X. All people welcome in any car! We will stop at Buttonwillow on way there to refuel, get coffee...