1. Taym

    Model Y Deliveries in EU in August and September!

    Hello Everyone! I can't believe this is finally happening! I am in Rome, italy, and I have reserved my Model Y in March 2019. Finally, just few days ago I received an email where I was informed that Model Ys would start delivery in my area starting from August. I then received a second email...
  2. Alighieri256

    Performance Model 3 VINs

    Well folks, Tesla likely built 5,000 of something last week. And with around 10,000 AWD VINs now in play, when would you guess we'll see the first VINs assigned to Performance orders?
  3. Doug Joubert

    Hello from NOLA

    Hi, y'all! I'm Doug from New Orleans. We ordered our Model 3 two weeks ago, deciding to get the long-range in that gorgeous blue. The premium interior package in black comes with it. And my wife was nice enough to let me get the Enhanced Auto Pilot. Our projected delivery date is between...
  4. TrevP

    Anyone else considering Model S over Model 3 bc/timing?

    Just wondering if anyone else is considering a Model S/X over the Model 3 because of timing? Being in Canada the current placeholder shows "late 2018" for everyone and I was really counting on spring of 2018 since I timed my lease end with what I thought was a production ramp needing 6-9 months...
  5. inspirelife

    I'm about this...... close!

    I'm about this close (holds fingers up pretty close together) to putting my money down on a reservation. My only real reservation is that I won't see the car for well over a year. Probably closer to 18 months, from what I've heard. Anyone correct me if I'm wrong, but we haven't even seen any...
  6. MichelT3

    Promoting our Model 3 reservation

    As a convinced Model 3 reservationist I want to promote my conviction to other car drivers. So far I've not come across many ways to do so on my car. Let's share those here. The US licence plate frame of evannex...
  7. Stephane Lamarche

    Something Special

    Has anyone received a gift in the mail from Tesla yet? Elon mentioned he was going to send a gift to people who stood in line at the stores. I haven't heard anything about it. Anyone?!