1. R

    Model 3 Significant Repair Times - 5+ months and counting..

    Hi all, I've been experiencing significant delays on getting my Model 3 LR 2021 repaired in the UK, and wondered if anyone else has had any similar issues or has any contacts to try and speed up the process. My car was unfortunately crashed into in Aug-21 (non-fault), and it's been sat at a...
  2. John

    Model Y Rim Touchup on the Cheap

    Unfortunately, when a family member scuffs the Model Y 20” induction wheels, the damage is super obvious. Luckily, I had the proper repair tool. Final result looks great: Kit can be purchased here for $5.97.
  3. I

    repair chips on Model 3 with ceramic coating

    I have ceramic coated (Swissvax) my new Model 3 a few weeks ago. Last week when i was washing my car I noticed that the ceramic got 2-3 minor chips. Is it an idea to repair this chips with the Tesla paint repair kit? Or needs the coating to be removed and reapplied on the whole panel first...
  4. Brokedoc

    Tesla Service Center Repair Experience(s)

    I was at my local Tesla service center yesterday to have a few issues addressed and I wanted to share the experience to those that are not yet owners. I haven't yet used the Tesla Mobile repair service so perhaps @SoFlaModel3 can add to this thread since he had a recent Mobile service call. I...
  5. P

    Colorado - Model 3 Rear Ended, Looking for a recommendation for an auto body shop

    My Model 3 was rear ended last night. I’m getting the insurance side of this squared away. However I’d love a recommendation for an authorized repair shop in the Denver/Boulder area. Any which people love? Or hate (so I can avoid)?
  6. H

    YouTube Channel: Tesla Videos from Johnathan's World

    Hey everyone, in case you haven’t seen my Model 3 video. It shows the defects I discovered at the delivery center and after taking delivery. I dropped my car off at the Tesla Service center on 8/23/18 and my model 3 is still having work done on it. If you have any questions please feel free...
  7. H

    Windshield Replacement Cost and other repairs

    I didn’t see a post covering the cost of a windshield replacement so I thought I would chime in. An object hit my windshield on the highway and caused a crack to run about 1/3 the latitudinal length from the driver side to the passenger side. Obviously this wouldn’t be repairable. My local Tesla...
  8. Ingineer

    Meet the renegade who’s teaching the world to fix totaled Teslas
  9. Z

    Rattle from behind steering wheel

    My model 3 has a rattling noise coming from behind the steering wheel. It can be heard at lower speeds when driving on a slightly bumpy surface. Every morning I hear it driving out on the smaller streets and pulling into a parking lot. The rattling is drown out by wind noise when going at...
  10. Sichron

    Dallas Tesla-branded "Body Repair Center"?

    A lawn guy hit my two-week old Model 3 with a weed-eater! It put several scratches and a small dent in the top of the fender. It's not horrible damage, but it's in a pretty noticeable location. Has anyone used the official Tesla "Body Repair Center"? Dallas is one of nine cities that has one...
  11. PabloG

    Hi, I got hit by a rock my first week with my M3

    In true fashion that only I can manage, on Tuesday I got hit by a rock the size of a baseball on I-35 heading to... Round Rock. Wednesday was my one-week delivery anniversary. Blue Velvet is in the shop until Tuesday. Fingers crossed that the hood repaint looks good as new!
  12. John

    Broken Tiny Side Window Replacement & Break-in Deterrents

    Made the mistake of parking my Model 3 on the street in a bit of a sketchy neighborhood in Oakland last night. Someone smashed the tiny rear window, reached in, and flipped down the seat to peer in the trunk. Luckily nothing was in the trunk, or I guess the next step was more glass breakage. By...