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  1. littlD

    Question Is Turo Dead Post COVID-19?

    Almost 2 weeks ago, my plan once taking delivery of Middy (Model Y AWD MSM White Interior) was to rent out both Middie (99$ a day) and Middy (250$ a day). Now... Would I want to risk contracting COVID AND having to disinfect the cars after every rental? Would anyone even consider renting a car...
  2. SP's Tesla

    Where can I rent a Tesla?

    I will likely be joining the Tesla family this Fall when my current lease expires, and will be hopping into a Model Y! As I do a lot of traveling for business, I was wondering if any rental car companies offer Tesla’s as an option? I’d love to be able to spend a few days with a M3 to get a feel...
  3. Flurin

    Renting a Model 3 for US road trip

    Hi I'm a longterm tesla fan. I'll be visiting the US west coast this summer and I want to go on a one month and 3500mile road trip. Since I'm only 21 and can't afford a Tesla over here in Switzerland I was really looking forward to renting one for my road trip to have that longterm EV...