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  1. Mesprit87

    Question Am I the only one hoping for an extension of referral miles?

    I know vaccination in the states is progressing like hell but it's a different situation here in Canada. Officially, only essential travel is allowed (probably the only dumb enough to follow this but that's another debate) I think like everybody else here that I did a good job promoting what...
  2. TrevP

    HOT Exclusive first look at the Model 3 forged performance referral wheels

    Here you go folks! An exclusive first look at the forged Model 3 performance wheels from the referral program. After a seemingly long delay it appears the forged performance wheels are almost ready to go for referral winners who selected them as their prize. No other details at this time other...
  3. Akurtts

    Highly recommended - North Carolina Tint Installer

    Hi All - Not sure where this should go but just had our windows tinted by Kevin here in Greensboro, NC and he's amazing - knows exactly how to work with the Model 3 and knocked it out within a day. I wanted to share his info here because I had a difficult time tracking down a reputable window...
  4. epmenard

    First Referral...yeah....doh

    Well, After dozens of conversations, trial drives and Q&A emails with peers and random onlookers curious about Tesla, I finally got my first referral...or did I? He forgot to use my code when making his purchase. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to console myself thinking that my prize is one...
  5. Love

    Referrals Disappeared

    Has anyone had their referrals vanish from their account? Within my app, I'd occasionally go and look to see the CO2 I'd "saved"... just liked to see that for some reason. Also liked to track the status of the rewards. Now, both in the app and when logging in online, I'm showing zero...