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Jeda USB Hub - Tesla Model 3/Y USB Hub
  1. littlD

    Rear Seat Rattle Solved!

    I thought Middy picked up the same rattle in the right rear seat I've heard other owners complain about. The real reason, at least in my case... The right rear seat belt buckle! Just make sure it's aligned as shown in the picture and no rattle.
  2. 2

    Air Conditioner Glass Cracking Sound

    Hi All, Have any of you experienced an issue when you turn on the A/C, and from the driver's front side interior, it sounds like glass cracking? Almost the same kind of sound as if a pebble hit the front windshield while driving down the road This will go on for about 5-10 minutes with a...
  3. eXntrc

    Rattle / Vibration from Door Speaker

    Anyone else have rattling / vibrations from any of the door speakers? My front-right door speaker rattles at certain frequencies. It was so bad at first that I took it into the service center. They applied some matting on the inside of the door and eliminated the rattle for the specific songs I...

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