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  1. sjcsale

    Schedule Charging and Time of Use Electricity Rate

    I have had Model 3 for 2 months and currently, I charge it when ever I wish. I am on a fixed rate plan with my electric company and didn't switch to time-of-use rate plan, because wanted to see what kind of usage I put on with Model 3 charging and if time-of-use will make sense. With 2 months...
  2. sdbyrd79

    Supercharger charging wrong Tier rate?

    I just charged my M3 for the first time yesterday and the experience was great! I hit a 477 mi/hr rate and put 75 miles on in 10 minutes. However, when I received the bill shortly after, it charged me at Tier 2 which is twice the cost of Tier 1. To quality for Tier 1 you should have less than...
  3. A

    What does it cost you to use Supercharging?

    Went to chage my TM3 at our nearest Tesla supercharging station and I was at 26% charged it to 90% which came out to $26.94. it's cheaper than gas but I was surprised at the cost. I previously filled up at work (no supercharger just regular EV charging station) and it cost me a little under $5...
  4. K

    Workplace Charging - who has it/how much does it cost?

    Just curious - how many of you have workplace charging available for your Model 3? Workplace charging is essential, especially for those who don't have access to charging infrastructure at home. I live in a multi-dwelling unit and don't have the option of installing a dedicated EV charger...