1. gaduser

    M3P Cleveland, OH Range ~ December

    I recorded, and analyzed, the following range data over the last month or so. My driving is fairly routine, although I am at 96% by Tesla's measure. Interesting because I have no citations or accidents within the last 30 years. I drive my T like any other car, with Heat/AC, Radio, Seat Heater...
  2. W

    My range increased!!

    Has anyone had their Tesla increase in battery driving range?? I recently had my range increase but I’m not sure how or from what. I have a 2017 model S 100D and it’s max battery range is 335 miles. But recently my range went up to 370 miles! I remember about a month ago when I charged...
  3. abu7moody

    range anxiety HELP before i buy

    hello i know that most owners her are sick of this questions i am going to order model X 2021 - but i have range anxiety , my daily commute is 30 km or 60 , but every two weeks i drive home to see my parents which is 260 km (160 miles) away , with weather between ( 12c-18c = 53F-64F )...
  4. M

    Model Y Real World Range

    Hey I started logging real world miles vs. "battery miles." It's pretty early and the data is pretty noisy, but I'm getting ~ 270 real world miles vs. 316 advertised range with the AWD LR version with the Model Y roof rack on. I've set up a mileage log on google sheets that documents each trip...
  5. MountainPass

    MPP Page Mill 2-pc Stock Diameter Front Rotors for Model 3 RWD/AWD Non-P - NOW IN STOCK!

    Reduce unsprung weight and improve cooling while keeping your 18" wheels! Stock sizing, perfect fit - fits inside your stock aero wheels to retain maximum efficiency and range Lightweight, visually stunning two-piece rotor Aluminum anodized hat made from US-Sourced 6061-T6 Optimal cooling...
  6. MountainPass

    Tesla Model 3 SR+ Dyno Test and Comparison

    Well, in usual MPP fashion we have put our brand new SR+ on the dyno to find out just how fast it is! You might be surprised by the results when compared to our LR RWD! https://www.mountainpassperformance.com/tesla-model-3-sr-dyno-testing/
  7. RyanH

    245/40-R19 performance comparison

    Hi all, I have been running 245/40-R19 tires for a while, and wanted to compare my range specs with others to see if I’m taking a bigger hit that I thought I would. Came from 18” Aero wheels. O.E. Tire weight: 25lbs. OE wheel weight with cover: 23lbs Who else is running this size tire? Have...
  8. NYer

    Issues with Model 3 range estimates.

    I charged my very new Model 3 over night, resulting in a range of 279 miles before I drove away from home. After driving 53 miles, the Model 3 showed that I had 190 miles of range remaining, vs. the 226 miles I would have expected. Should I be concerned? I wasn't driving aggressively.
  9. D

    How Much Spare Range Is Enough?

    I'm new Model 3 owner (only have 100 city miles on it) and equally new to participating on a forum. (I hope I don't violate any unwritten forum etiquette rules.) Anyway, here goes. While I know the answer to this is personal, I'm wondering if there's a consensus on about how much remaining...
  10. T

    Base Model 3 - what do we know?

    I'm wondering what the base model 3 will be like. Do we have any clues about what the interior and exterior finishes will be like and how it will differ from the models with the premium package? Also does anyone have any real world experience with the lower range teslas? How much of a headache...
  11. Sandy

    Range Experiences (incl. impact of wheel size)

    Mod edit: Concentrated posts related to range in this single thread. Mike Post #113 https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/2574624/
  12. codeoverride

    Tesla Estimated Range for Trip

    I'm hoping you guys can help me understand the range on the Model 3. I mapped a distance from GA to FL that's showing me 3 Supercharger stops on the Model 3 (Long Range Battery). When I map the same distance with a Model S (100 kWh Battery Performance) it needs only 2 Supercharger stops. The...
  13. Troy

    Tesla Model S/X/3 range at 55/60/65/70/75/80 mph

    Update: The range table has now moved to here: https://teslike.com/range/
  14. T

    Model 3 Aero Wheel Range Benefits

    Hi all - I wanted to create a thread for people to report any data about the range benefits of the aero wheels vs the 19 inch sport wheels. This would really help many of us make configuration decisions with our M3's!
  15. R

    Model 3 specs by Tesla from Tesla for Tesla!

    I'm cross-posting like it's going out of style, and Model 3 Owners Club gets first dibs tonight. I'd like to thank whoever submitted the FOIA request, and the EPA for complying. If you use this information (Fred!) in an article/story/etc, please link back to this post. Also, a shoutout to...
  16. voip-ninja

    Impact of high amp charging on Model 3 battery life

    In the FAQ Tech Talk thread an interesting point came up with someone indicating that they choose to charge their Tesla below the full 40 amp charge rate possible on their home outlet, instead choosing to throttle the charging speed to 15 amps since they can still get the charge level they need...