1. I

    Cruise Control unavIlable

    Hi! First off, I love my Y. I got her 2 months ago. A friend & I and my dog made our first long trip from New England to Florida and were pleasantly surprised. Journey easy and uneventful. But my autopilot would not work - says “front radar unavailable”. Tried cleaning all cameras/sensors. A...
  2. HAL3000

    Hello! New Model 3 owner in Los Angeles

    Hi everyone, Got my Model 3 April 19th and loving it! Got the Midnight Silver, 19" Wheels, and, of course, Auto-Pilot (in addition to the other goodies that we really didn't have a choice about). Good news for tall drivers (I'm 6'2 1/2"), I can fit and see out adequately! My only issue is...