Jeda - Top Tesla Accessories
  1. Jgrano305

    Tesla Leak

    Hey everyone. I was scrolling through twitter, and rolled by a preview to an upcoming software update. I noticed something unusual on the software page. It seems to be a Tesla that currently is not on the market. I say this because it has S/X front seats, and Model 3 rear seats. Any takes/...
  2. $ Trillion Musk

    Sony Concept EV

    The new Sony Vision-S concept. And no, it’s not a TV... well, sort of. ;) What do you think?
  3. O

    Wrapped Model 3

    Anyone considering wrapping their 3s? If so, what color do you have in mind? I posted this on Reddit earlier today, but didn't have time to post it here:
  4. AEDennis

    Impressions of the Oct.28, 2016 event... (Surprise Model ≡ in person appearance)

    As promised, I wrote my impressions of the Model 3 in the flesh. Bottom line... The party that Tesla throws might be free, but it's pricey on the back end. We left it with reservation for 3 PowerWall 2s, not sure if I'll ever need all three, but what the heck... ...and we're looking forward...