1. Will M

    Supercharging cost discrepancy

    On Monday we tried some new-to-us superchargers in Peru, IL. The screen in the car reported a cost of $3.60 for our charging session, but when I look online on my tesla account, I was charged $5.56. Is this sort of discrepancy common?
  2. MelindaV

    Official Pricing Announced

    Tesla has released the pricing for the Model 3 (at least the majority of it) in press release on their Presskit page on their website. Still outstanding is the pricing for the Dual motor option that is expected next year. below is the full release, with the pricing sections marked in red...
  3. tesla4therestofus

    Canadian pricing

    I was wondering what thoughts Canadian reservation holders have on possible Canadian pricing for the Model 3. Tesla has been very transparent in the past with Canadian pricing and prices still appear in line...