1. Thierry Henry

    Model 3 price speculation for France

    With yesterday message from Tesla to discover model 3 in France starting today, I wanted to have an updated estimate of the price for it. Here is the guestimates and detailed calculation below RWD - mid range 50 010 – 50 819 € AWD - long range 58 631 – 59 371 € Model 3...
  2. TrevP

    Model 3 Official Canadian Base price is $45,600

    Model 3 official Canadian base price starts at $45,600. My estimate was BANG ON! #tesla #model3
  3. MichelT3

    Steel and aluminium tariffs

    Today we are surprised by the news that Trump wants to instate import tariffs for steel and aluminium, of 25 and 10 %. I want to keep this thread factual and to avoid a political discussion. However, that announcement has already led to a (to be expected) respons by the EU (European Union)...
  4. minogully

    Hidden Fees / Costs

    I was reading on the Tesla forum of hidden fees and costs on the Model S that cover delivery, inspection and prep, which could amount to about $1100 (USD). (see here: I'm trying to nail down all of the hidden...