Jeda - Top Tesla Accessories
  1. M

    Bumper Bully & license plate bumper

    I live in NYC so I'm looking into bumper protection. On my current car, I've been using the Bumper Bully. Anyone have thoughts on whether that would work on the MY? My current car doesn't have a fancy auto lift gate so its the manual-old-school-slam-it-down-shut mechanism. Would the lift gate...
  2. A

    Feynlab installer- Orlando, Fl.

    Auto Salon of Orlando is the city's premiere provider of fine line automotive detailing, window tinting, PPF, ceramic, paint correction and vehicle wrapping services. We have the professional experience, use the highest quality materials and employ state of the art techniques to achieve the...
  3. airbutchie

    PPF and/or Ceramic Coating Recommendations...

    Hi everyone... Does anyone in the San Gabriel Valley area have any recommendations for PPF (full or partial) and/or ceramic coating recommendations? Still doing research, but would also love to hear recommendations from owners who had it done to their Model 3... Thanks in advance for your...
  4. JMZ

    SF bay area PPF installer that isn't backed up for weeks

    Hello, all ... I found a PPF installer in Berkeley who installed the clearbra PPF on my P3D in 2 days, and in addition, I didn't need to wait weeks before they could do it. I found them a week ago Monday, they scheduled me that Wednesday, and I had the car back that Friday...
  5. MTN Ranger


    My car seems like a magnet to road items (and those falling from the sky/garbage truck). PPF to the rescue again.
  6. ninjarice

    Bay Area Chrome Delete, PPF, Calipers, Wraps - NL WRAPS - With Pictures

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to share my experience with NL wraps in Santa Clara/San Jose. Jorge the owner gave me very affordable pricing. His attention to detail is amazing too. He can do pretty much any vinyl work - He smoked my headlights too. You can reach him at (408) 606-0906 and tell him...
  7. C

    Paint Protection Film in Connecticut/Hartford CT - interested in group rate?

    Hi, if anyone have any reference for a local shop doing paint protection for Model 3, please advise. Got few but the price seems excessive for just full front. We have two folks looking to do this and if anyone of you would like to join to negotiate a better price for a quality instal, let's...
  8. geoffreak

    For Sale: Unused 3M Scotchguard Pro PPF Kit for Model 3 (Dallas, TX)

    I bought a PPF pre-cut kit for the Model 3, but changed my mind on doing the work myself and now I'm stuck with this kit I won't use and can't return. I'd rather not have to ship it so I'm asking here to see if anyone in Dallas, TX would be interested in buying it off me. I'll be able to bring...
  9. Modern Image

    San Diego - FEYNLAB, PPF & Tint Group Buy

    Hi Everyone, My name is Enrico and I am the owner of Modern Image in San Diego. We are San Diego's exclusive FEYNLAB Self-Heal Plus installer and are excited to be joining this community. We are looking to add a couple of Teslas to our fleet and looking into the potential of Tesla loaner cars...
  10. S

    Southern California Installer: Wicked Auto Detailing

    Hello! We just wanted to say hello from Wicked Auto Detailing in Costa Mesa California! We offer Feynlab ceramic coatings as well as many other paint protection and restyling services. We have a lot of experience with Tesla and we also have a direct relationship with Costa Mesa Tesla service...
  11. wontmatterlater

    PPF installer in NJ near Livingston or house visit

    Has anyone got their Model 3 wrapped with xpel in New Jersey? Preferably near Livingston. Or are there any good installers that do it in your garage?
  12. theloneranger08

    PPF on the entire car?

    I've been doing a lot of research lately on PPF and I'm definitely going to get it put on my Model 3. I initially wanted to cover the entire car, but I've spoken to many people saying that it's not necessary. Thoughts everyone? Also, I think I'm going to go with 3M scotchgard. I'm going to...
  13. Travelwolf

    KCMO PPF, ceramic tinting?

    I know a good place over on the KS side to go to, but I absolutely despise driving in KS (it's a Missouri thing) and it is about 45 minutes from my house on a good day. Now with the highway down to 1 lane for a good mile of the trek, it tkes me over an hour. Is anyone aware of or have they...
  14. M

    RPMTesla install services

    Has anyone used RPMTesla install services (PPF, interior wrap kits, etc)? Wondering if anyone had experience as they seem to be pretty new to the actual installation vs just product sales.
  15. M

    San Diego Tint / PPF installers and prices

    I've configured my Model 3 finally so I've starting looking into options for PPF and tint. It looks like I've missed the other group buy so I thought I would start a thread to see what quotes people are getting. I'm an AZ transplant, and travel back for work and family, so I decided to start...
  16. axc0pui

    Group Discount for Tints, PPF, Etc, in Florida (Now Available!)

    Calling all South Florida Model 3 reservation holders! I'm currently working on getting a group discount for window tints, paint protective films, and the like. So far I've identified a number of shops in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, and I'll be emailing them this week to...