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  1. S

    Podcast stopping at 2:30

    Hey everyone. I just got my M3 this weekend, and love it. I'm making my way through the various features, and have a small one I'm trying to figure out. I searched for an NPR-distributed podcast and found multiple episodes of it. But when I listen to any of the episodes, at 2:30, the...
  2. TrevP

    M3OC Podcast audio available now!

    We're now listed in iTunes, Blubrry and should be available in your Tesla via TuneIn ! You can also subscribe here: https://soundcloud.com/user-434403776 https://play.google.com/music/listen#/ps/Ij2yjftwvzxg7imhickqpb45yfq...
  3. TrevP

    Tesla Owners Online Podcast

    Happy to announce a weekly LIVE show & podcast! Join us tomorrow at 8PM ET LIVE on @YouTube for fun Tesla news & Model 3 discussions with actual owners. Can't wait to show you what we've been cooking up!! #tesla #model3
  4. Callahan

    Model 3 Owners: What's Your One Favorite Thing?

    Hey all! After spending a few minutes in You You Xue's Model 3, there were so many amazing things about the car I enjoyed, but the one thing that specifically stood out to me was the handling. It felt incredibly tight and immediate. As cheesy as it sounds, I felt one with the car in a way I'd...
  5. Callahan

    Long Time Lurker, First Time Poster from Los Angeles

    Hey everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster here! I first fell hard for Tesla a few years back, and then doubled down after reading Tim Urban's fantastic four-part series on Elon Musk. Since March 31, 2016, I've been anxiously biding my time, and splitting it between Electrek, Teslarati...
  6. TrevP

    Let's help a fellow Tesla enthusiast out

    Folks, one of our members, @Ryan who does his excellent Tesla Podcast (Ride the Lightning) has a dog in need of help. If you've listened to his podcast you'll know his beloved dog Maggie the Boxer has had some medical issues and the latest is financially a burden on him. Keep in mind he's...
  7. MelindaV

    Tesla related podcasts

    Over the last year or so a number of good audio Tesla podcasts have become established. I always look forward to seeing new episodes come up and thought there may be some here that are not podcast followers but may like a summary of current shows and may pick and choose which to go listen to...
  8. TrevP

    EV Revolution Show (formerly Model 3 Owners Club Show)

    I am happy to announce the start of a video show series. This series is focussed on Tesla and the Model 3 and will differ from my usual videos as I have a guest host, Ken Bokor, who joins me to discuss all things Tesla and EVs. Ken is a podcast veteran but a newcomer to the EV field and has a...