1. RockDoc

    Pickup in the Northeast

    I’m living in southern Maine and scheduled for an April delivery. I’ve chosen to forego the $750 delivery charge. That leaves me with two viable options (closer locations have negative tax implications); Paramus, NJ or Mt Kisco, NY. Would appreciate any comments from those with experience at...
  2. garsh

    First teaser pic: the Tesla Pickup Truck

  3. $ Trillion Musk

    Cybertruck game changing feature

    Elon had mentioned that the Tesla Pickup will have a game changing feature. Care to guess what it is? My guess would be a retractable truck bed such that the pickup transforms between Deckard’s Sedan mode and truck mode.
  4. Model3GER

    US delivery for European/ German order

    Hello dear reservationists, I'm following this intiative since day one and am impressed by the passion and enthusiasm. Maybe you might able to help me with this little inquiry. As a former employee of a major german manufacturer I know for fact, that US customers were able to order their US...