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  1. MountainPass

    NOMAD Wireless Phone Charger

    We recently purchased a Nomad charger for “The Future” and loved it so much that we wanted to share it with all of our clients. To make things easy, we’ve teamed up with Nomad to be able to supply the charger to all of you along with any other MPP parts you’re interested in! We also stock these...
  2. Tesla Newbie

    Steps required to make phone call

    First, apologies because someone raised this some time ago so it’s potentially been discussed and answered, but I can’t find the thread. It was probably buried in some other conversation. I’m finding it cumbersome to do something as basic as making a phone call. I use voice command to “Call...
  3. JML

    I'm trying to build an inductive phone charging setup for < $20, wish me luck

    After looking at all of the different inductive charging solutions out there, I wasn't satisfied with any of them. I didn't like the price, but if any was perfect I could justify the money. The primary reason is that it's not clear to me if plugin charging is still available while using any of...
  4. JWardell

    My DIY perfect phone mount

    I always like to drive with Waze running, and I try to mount my phone in a secure location close to my line of sight. I thought and tried a number of mounts for my Model 3 but wasn't satisfied with location, plus they were big and ugly when not in use and disrupted the minimal dash. I really...
  5. Henchman

    DIY wireless charger

    I used two QI wireless coil chargers and made my own wireless charging pad. I replaced the rubber pad with a piece of kydex I had lying around and coated it with some plasti dip to stop the ones from sliding around...
  6. ng0

    Suggestion Which software updates are you wanting/expecting from your Model 3?

    One of the biggest complaints about the car seems to be software features, but they can be updated over the air!! I'd like to use this thread to keep a running list of software updates that you're wanting, hoping for, or expecting based on Elon Musk's tweets/statements. So please let me know...
  7. A

    If someone takes my phone, can they drive my car away?

    While telling my coworkers that my phone works as a key for the Model 3, they jokingly said they would grab my phone off my desk when I wasn't there and go take my car for a joyride. Not that I'm worried that they would actually do it, but it got me thinking - is that all it takes?
  8. Tesla Wireless Pad

    Product Review Jeda Wireless Pad V1 & V2

    Introducing the Tesla Wireless Pad: the first wireless phone charger created specifically and for Tesla, so that Tesla cars too will now support wireless Qi Charging. Many carmakers offer wireless charging - but yet, Tesla doesn't. Seeing the need and desire for this, we spent months working...
  9. rxlawdude

    The Definitive Guide to using a "Smartphone as a key"

    (sorry for reposting this in a new thread, but don't want this to get lost for new owners) Experiment #1: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (my daily wireless phone) Tesla App already installed and vehicles loaded into app. Set to Airplane mode. This kills WiFi, Cellular, and BT. While in Airplane mode...
  10. Audrey

    Phone Charging Dock

    We can see model 3 phone charging cables in the Tesla Shop, which includes a diagram about how to replace the cables. During the MotorTrend ride with Franz they mentioned inductive charging; that may have been in error. Does anyone know if inductive charging pads can be slid under the phone...