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  1. S

    Winter wheel/tire options for Performance Model 3 with Performance Upgrades

    Hi folks - I've recently taken delivery of my Model 3 - Performance AWD with the Performance Upgrade pack (20 inch wheels, upgraded brakes). Car is amazing and I love it! I live in Ontario, Canada and will be needing winter tires. I don't want to put snow tires on the 20 inch wheels because...
  2. ihomer

    Model 3 Performance without Performance Upgrade

    I am considering buying the Performance version of the M3 but I was just wondering if anybody is buying it without the performance upgrade? And if so, is it a money thing or some other reasons? I am on the fence right now. I currently have an LR AWD configured but i can still edit it.
  3. JeffC

    That $5k Performance Upgrade option, Part Deux

    (Some of this has been mentioned separately in other threads, but new information about the $5k Performance Upgrade option (gonna call it PUO here) available only with the Performance version of Model 3 helps clarify and consolidate some thoughts about it.) I currently have the $5k Performance...