1. barjohn

    Front Camera for Parking

    Like many other owners of Teslas it can be a pain when parking and trying to avoid scraping the front lower lip on a curb or parking stop that is higher than the clearance of the lip. The location of the parking sensors is high enough on the front bumpers such that its angle of view downward is...
  2. jsanford

    Keeping critters from nesting?

    Two coworkers had work done recently on the ICE vehicles after rodents moved into the engine bay and chewed themselves a home. Eloise the Tesla lives outside, so I’m wondering if there are vulnerable points of entry for a critter to move in while parked, and if so, how they can be deterred...
  3. jsanford

    Question about parking after watching training video

    The gear selection video for the Model 3 on the Support page shows clearances, in inches, while the car pulls out of the parking space around the bumper corners in the front. Current owners, would you say it’s pretty accurate? Will the screen show clearances around the rear bumpers, too? I’m...
  4. SSonnentag

    Technically, this guy's car qualifies...

    I don't think I could honestly give this guy a parking ticket. The sign is just vague enough to allow him to park there. :D