paint protection

  1. PcGuy

    Window Tint

    You might not consider it an aftermarket item, but Living in Vegas...Tinting IMHO is! I will tint the front windshield, side windows at 25% and match the backseat windows. Might tint the glass roof depending on how it looks stock.
  2. A

    Feynlab installer- Orlando, Fl.

    Auto Salon of Orlando is the city's premiere provider of fine line automotive detailing, window tinting, PPF, ceramic, paint correction and vehicle wrapping services. We have the professional experience, use the highest quality materials and employ state of the art techniques to achieve the...

    Big THANK YOU & Coupon

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to take a quick second and give everyone in here a HUGE THANK YOU for your support of our products and more importantly our professional installers. We have received great feedback about the members in this group from our installer network and I would venture to say that...
  4. C

    Paint Protection Film in Connecticut/Hartford CT - interested in group rate?

    Hi, if anyone have any reference for a local shop doing paint protection for Model 3, please advise. Got few but the price seems excessive for just full front. We have two folks looking to do this and if anyone of you would like to join to negotiate a better price for a quality instal, let's...

    FEYNLAB & Tesla - A Match Made in Heaven

    Hello Tesla Model 3 owners and fans. We are extremely excited to be a sponsoring vendor on this forum and look forward to getting to know you all over the coming years as more and more Model 3's are coming off the production line and into your driveways. As many of you have read or...
  6. Relentlessshine

    San Antonio Installer Checking In! Relentless Shine LLC

    Hello All, We just wanted to take a moment and let everyone know that we are the only Feynlab installer in San Antonio, TX. We are here to serve the Tesla Community and are anxiously awaiting Model 3 arrivals. Please look us up for your Paint Protection and Tint needs!
  7. Travelwolf

    KCMO PPF, ceramic tinting?

    I know a good place over on the KS side to go to, but I absolutely despise driving in KS (it's a Missouri thing) and it is about 45 minutes from my house on a good day. Now with the highway down to 1 lane for a good mile of the trek, it tkes me over an hour. Is anyone aware of or have they...
  8. M

    San Diego Tint / PPF installers and prices

    I've configured my Model 3 finally so I've starting looking into options for PPF and tint. It looks like I've missed the other group buy so I thought I would start a thread to see what quotes people are getting. I'm an AZ transplant, and travel back for work and family, so I decided to start...
  9. Paul Torres

    Orange County/Inland Empire Tint/PPF/Ceramic Group Discount

    Just trying to spread the word so people can take advantage. Open to anyone willing to drive to the shop, delivery date doesn't matter!
  10. TrevP

    Opti-Coat Press Release

    As the leading paint protection manufacturer on the market, Optimum Polymer Technologies (OPT) has protected the most expensive and the newest cars to enter the market. Paint is the first impression and the last touch that a car receives. Manufacturers invest billions into making the shine and...