paint nicks

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  1. sdbyrd79

    Paint chipping on door dings

    Unfortunately, I've been the recipient of 2 door dings since I took delivery in July and both resulted in the paint coming off entirely. They're pretty small & hardly a dent, but both instances (both sides of car) chipped the (standard) black paint so you can see the "silver" body. I ordered...
  2. D

    Chipped Paint on Delivery - Options

    I picked up my blue Model 3 yesterday (woot woot!) and there was a small (half the size of a grain of rice) chip in the front passenger door. It was near the mirror and obvious enough to bother me, especially considering I’m going to put a ceramic coating on the car. They tried to fix it with...
  3. Blair Chaney Jennings

    Touch up paint

    I just came across this and thought others might be interested. Tesla has a new touch up paint kit you can find it here:
  4. @

    Paint nicks already argh

    Welp one week in found some annoying pain nicks on the hood. I eventually want to wrap car (I think) but any advice from anyone? Does Tesla have a service that will fix or other thoughts ?