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  1. C

    Official The Official ‘Delivery status’ thread!

    Will we be able to take delivery from the factory so that we do not get bumped down on the list due to geography I would fly out to California to take delivery
  2. SoFlaModel3

    Instant VIN?

    I just went back into “MyTesla” and I have a VIN 30 minutes after configuring. Did that happen to anyone else? Did it change again? This must be a good sign for speedy delivery right? I’m freaking out right now (sorry)!
  3. Yanquetino

    Changing addresses in "My Tesla" while waiting?

    Has anyone changed their address in the My Tesla account from, say California, to the Midwest? I imagine this might postpone the invitation to configure…? And what about the opposite? Would this move the reservation holder up in the queue?
  4. MelindaV

    POLL: Will not getting the Federal Tax Credit change your plans

    So now that it looks like the US EV credit may be going away, how does this impact your plans? (if your exact situation is not listed, pick the closest option)