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  1. S

    SUPER QUICK delivery

    I know, I know! Some Model 3 order place holders will be frustrated, but I got my new Model 3 in (1) one day! I live about 150 miles from the Columbus, Ohio Tesla Showroom. I called them and scheduled a Model 3 test drive. My wife and I made it a 2 day shopping trip. While we were on our test...
  2. JFW1103

    Hello from Maryland

    Hello from California, MD! I am a first time Tesla/EV owner-to-be! I am patiently (not so patiently) waiting for my red Model 3 LR Dual Motor AWD. I reserved on July 3, 2017, ordered on June 30, 2018. My account currently lists estimated delivery: Sep.'18 - Nov.'18. It has been sitting at the...
  3. R

    G'day from Australia (pron. erstraya in case you've never met an Aussie)

    so, Hi guys! I'm number 7 in the world wait list (maybe) because there were 6 ahead of me in the line outside our dealership on that day and because Sydney is the furthest east (8am before anywhere else) there's a Tesla dealer. None on Pacific islands this side of Tonga. I wasn't into camping...

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