navigation system

  1. mcmoyer

    Incorrect Speed Limits

    I've got a major road that I drive daily that has a 55mph speed limit. When I first got my 2018 M3, it had the right speed limit. About a year or 2 ago, my Model 3 started thinking it was 45 mph. I figured it was a misconfiguration and eventually it would sort it self out. I also noticed...
  2. Achooo

    Question Nav didn’t show a charging stop when not enough charge to complete trip

    This may have been discussed before, and if it has please guide me to that conversation. I was planning a drive using the in car navigation from Santa Anita to Irvine today and did not have enough charge to complete the drive. I thought that, it would automatically throw in a charging stop like...
  3. NOGA$4ME

    Road trip navigation tips

    Looking for a howto (or maybe some general advice). When I'm on a road trip, I can enter my destination and my car will nicely provide me with a route and any needed charging stops. Wonderful. But on my previous (first) road trip, the car had me arriving at my destination with 10% and didn't...
  4. /billy

    Navigation & data plan

    Does the M3 get navigation traffic/supercharger live status updates W/O phone connected, and if so do you need to buy a data plan?
  5. Patronus

    Calendar Integration?

    The S & X have integration of your phone's calendar on the display. From there you can simply tap an address in an event and that becomes your map destination. I also understand that the map can simply list your appointment addresses for that day for you. I own a mobile business so I live by...
  6. D

    How to submit engineering suggestions and requirements to Mr Musk

    Does anyone know of a way to submit suggestions/engineering requirements to Mr Musk? I get frustrated when I see how automakers design GPS navigation systems and would like to make a few suggestions (that I hope he might make into requirements for the Model 3 navigation system). Any insight...