1. Taym

    Model Y Deliveries in EU in August and September!

    Hello Everyone! I can't believe this is finally happening! I am in Rome, italy, and I have reserved my Model Y in March 2019. Finally, just few days ago I received an email where I was informed that Model Ys would start delivery in my area starting from August. I then received a second email...
  2. A

    Tesla Model Y Standard Range Ordered!

    Hi everyone, new to the forum so please tell me if this post is not in the right board. I ordered a Model Y standard range right when it became available and am picking up in Vancouver January 22-Feb 7. Anyone have any questions or thoughts about this trim? I will be updating this thread...
  3. dreab

    Model Y in Wyoming - Deep Freeze Test

    Model Y winter driving video, including demo'ing a new 'Snow Plow' feature :)
  4. Curt Renz

    Video - Tesla Model Y: 10 Facts You Probably Didn't Know

    Electric Future - yesteday:
  5. Trevlan

    Model Y First Look Exterior Review

    Some details that we did not know about before. Pillar cameras Wiper blades
  6. Curt Renz

    Model Y Protoytpes in Colorado

    Electrek - hour ago: Y in CO Excerpt: Rumors are that Tesla is about to start Model Y production, but the automaker is still in the middle of its test program as two Model Y prototypes were spotted all the way in Boulder, Colorado.