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  1. 17.0880074906351

    Best sites for Speculation re Giga-Austin's MY Ramp-up to be FINISHED?

    I own a stereotypical red utility trailer with a bed that is 6' wide by 8' long. Our ~2014ish Chevy Volt _CAN_NOT_ haul any sort of trailer. I refuse to put money into adding a hitch/receiver to our 2004ish RAV4. That means... Right now, the only thing I have that can haul the trailer is...
  2. Taym

    Radar in Shanghai-built Model Ys?

    Hi everyone. Does anyone know if Model Ys currently built in Shanghai come with radar? This is just a pure curiosity. Is there any way to check? I expect my Model Y to be delivered in 10 days or so. Thank you!
  3. Jeda Products

    Jeda USB Hub Console for 2021 Tesla's!

    We have officially launched the Jeda USB Hub Console for 2021 Tesla Model 3's and Y's. The new Jeda USB Hub Console divides your center console into two different compartments. A top compartment organizes your daily objects, while a lower compartment stores valuables and items you prefer...
  4. Jeda Products

    Jeda USB Hub Console for 2021 Tesla's!

    We have officially launched the Jeda USB Hub Console for 2021 Tesla Model 3's and Y's. The new Jeda USB Hub Console divides your center console into two different compartments. A top compartment organizes your daily objects, while a lower compartment stores valuables and items you prefer...
  5. B

    Ordered Model Y today... January estimated delivery

    I've finally pulled the trigger. Ordered my Model Y. LRAWD Red, Gemini wheels, Black interior, 5 seats, tow hitch. I've been driving a 2012 Chevrolet Volt for almost 10 years. I still love it, but I think I'm going to love this car more. I've test driven the Y and the 3, and previously...
  6. GDN

    GigaTexas built Model Y

    As usual, without named resources and knowing Elon/Tesla timelines believe what you want from the article. However even just rumors and some inside scoop will start to shape up...
  7. Y

    Anyone selling a model y or x?

    I’m looking for y or x that is Dual motor under 70,000k and has fsd. Color and wheel size doesn’t matter to me.
  8. G

    Tire pressure sensors for rear tires of Model Y display opposite Tire readings.

    Tire pressure sensors for rear tires of Model Y display opposite tire readings. Right rear tire repaired after puncture and at that repair left rear checked for slow leak. No reason for slow leak found. Right puncture repair successful but still have slow leak in left rear tire. My main problem...
  9. Jeda Products

    2021 Model 3 and Y USB Hub Console for Refreshed Interiors

    Our 2021 Model 3 and Y Product is here: Jeda USB Hub Console We're combining the best of two of our products into a single one for refreshed 2021 Model 3's and Y's. The Jeda USB Hub Console will be a combination of our Jeda Tray and Jeda USB Hub and will serve as a multi-purpose accessory...
  10. $ Trillion Musk

    Off-road lifted version of the Model Y

    Off-road lifted version of the Model Y spotted near Fremont factory.
  11. awedio_femi

    Model 3/Y w Premium Audio, 33065 zip - need DM please

    Do you have a Model 3 or Y w Premium audio or a Model 3 or Y Perf & live in the 33065 zip area? Please DM me?
  12. francoisp

    Model Y Cabin Heating

    Now that winter is among us I find the "auto" setting to be pushing an insufficient amount of warm air around the legs. I have to manually select both the upper and lower vents to be comfortable. This could be fixed with software.
  13. TrevP

    Official Model Y 7 seats photos

    Photos of the third row 7 seat Model Y. Pictures courtesy of Rob Mauer (Tesla Daily)
  14. V

    Passenger HVAC deactivation - is it a bug, or a feature?

    I've noticed that passenger vents stay active regardless whether the front passenger is present: However, if foot vent is not engaged, either automatically or manually, the passenger's vent stays off: I'm trying to understand whether it's by design (or that's a limitation due to how the...
  15. SP's Tesla

    Model Y Long Range Bump

    Looks like Tesla’s website has been updated to show the LR Model Y now has 326 miles of range - a modest 10 mile increase. Performance also bumped up to 303 miles. Some are speculating this is directly tied to the new Panasonic batteries. Any thoughts? Sean
  16. M

    Model Y winter package

    👋🏼 Anyone know when a winter where/tire package will be made available for purchase by Tesla? Speculation on the rough pricing? Wonder if it’ll be closer to the Model 3 18” aero package or the 19” geminis (guessing the latter)... 🙏🏼BAM
  17. SP's Tesla

    Enhanced Autopilot Now Available for Model Y and Model 3

    Saw this on a Tesla Model Y FB group. Looks like an EAP option is now available for the MY and M3 through the Tesla app. For me, this is exactly the kind of autopilot upgrade I was looking for at, what I consider, a reasonable price point. Sean
  18. littlD

    Rear Seat Rattle Solved!

    I thought Middy picked up the same rattle in the right rear seat I've heard other owners complain about. The real reason, at least in my case... The right rear seat belt buckle! Just make sure it's aligned as shown in the picture and no rattle.
  19. T Sportline

    Tesla Model Y 19" TSS & TST Flow Forged Wheels

    Tesla Model Y 19" TSS & TST Flow Forged Wheels are available for Pre order! Get FREE SHIPPING for a Limited Time on all pre-sale orders to the United States and Canada! Fits Performance Tesla Model Y. Manufactured in a Flow Forged Process. Fully tested to the JWL, VIA & SAE J2530 standard...
  20. H

    Question Will the Model Y diecast be released soon?

    Hi Everyone, Now that the Y is in full production, I wonder when they will start producing the diecast on the online shop. For us who are waiting or planning on getting the Y, it would be a great accessory to have. For those who have historical knowledge, about how long did it take for...
  21. John

    Here’s What Fits in a Model Y

    Essentially a full storage cart stacked almost six feet high. Boxes are wide, too. Did not use frunk, and only put one small item on passenger seat.
  22. G

    Question Oil leak from model Y

    Found odorless pool of oil on the ground under the rear axle of model Y (long range dual motets). The under carriage also showed oil sign. What’s the issue? Where is the oil come from? Can it be driven?
  23. TrevP

    Aftermarket hitch now available

    ‪The EcoHitch (same one I have on my Model 3) is now available for Model Y 👇🏼 ‬ ‪Less than $300 which is a bargain 👍🏼‬ ‪‬
  24. M

    Model Y Real World Range

    Hey I started logging real world miles vs. "battery miles." It's pretty early and the data is pretty noisy, but I'm getting ~ 270 real world miles vs. 316 advertised range with the AWD LR version with the Model Y roof rack on. I've set up a mileage log on google sheets that documents each trip...
  25. Ericb13

    Software Update?

    This is my first Tesla. My neighbor has the model 3 and has the software update that allows you to view sensory cam and driving cams on the screen as well as a newer autopilot version. Is it normal for certain models to get new features before others? If so any idea when we will get these new...
  26. MountainPass

    MPP 1.75″ Model Y Suspension Lift Kit

    Increase your Tesla Model Y’s ground clearance 1.75″ increase in ground clearance to clear snow, speedbumps, rough terrain, steep driveways etc. Compatible with all models, including cars equipped with lowering springs or coilovers. CNC Aluminum Spacers anodized to resist the elements and look...
  27. Lozzy

    PPF, Ceramic Coat, Tint and a DOG KENNELL

    Finally back from PPF Ceramic and Tint. 40% front windows, 15% on the back, 30% on the roof and 80 on the windshield. Clear bra and on the door sills. My buddy Ozzy sits in the car a lot so keeping heat out was really important to me. The dog kennel is a Variocage L, Ozzy is 65 lbs. The kennel...
  28. John

    Initial Impressions of Model Y from a Model 3 Owner

    In case anyone's wondering what a Model Y would be like compared to a Model 3—well, at least one person's opinions about that—I thought I'd pass along some first-day impressions of Model Y from the perspective of someone who's driven a Model 3 for a couple of years. Exterior Our Model Y...
  29. Jeda Products

    Tesla Model Y USB Hub Now Available!

    Engineered to fit your Model Y, the Tesla Model Y USB Hub is the first and original USB Hub designed specifically for your Tesla with dashcam and sentry storage in mind. The Tesla Model Y USB Hub allows you to use up to six different devices for charging and data purposes. The Jeda Model Y...
  30. Jeda Products

    Jeda Products Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Giveaway.

    Valid on one Model 3 or Model 3 Accessory (Model Y Hub launching in April.) To enter: Follow @getjeda and retweet: Tweet us in the same thread, the name of your Model 3 or upcoming Model Y. Winner announced 04/03/2020 and will get to...