model x

  1. D

    For Sale Tesla Carry-On Luggage Hardshell Case sealed in box

    Im selling a few brand new in box and sealed Tesla Carry-On Luggage Case. These are not sold in stores and only given for referrals. 22inch rollaway hardshell case that comes in gray/black color. TSA approved and has a combination lock that attaches to the zippers. Also included is 3 different...
  2. SoFlaModel3

    Mobile Service is great (cool pics within)!

    Tesla came out today via Mobile Service to replace my damaged glovebox door. 30 minutes pain free (though he said it’s a 10 minute job on Model S). I managed to snap some cool pics of the dash disassembled though...
  3. E

    Question Are there any USB splitters that work in the MX?

    So I was trying to modify the family MX with USB splitters after installing splitters on my M3, but the couple of splitters that I ordered didn’t seem to work. I’d plug in my thumb drive, and that would work, but then when plugging in cable to charge a device, there is no power supplied. This is...
  4. J

    For Sale Price change! Unique 2016 Model X P100D Signature

    My one of a kind Model X is for sale. Originally a P90D with Ludicrous, battery upgraded by Tesla to a P100D Signature red, tan interior. 20” wheels, tires almost new. AP1. Fully loaded including tow package. Custom floor mats, stainless steel dead pedal. Partial PPF. Carbon Fiber accents. One...
  5. wowthatisrandom

    FS: NEW Tesla Model X 22" OEM Turbine Black Wheels Set w/ TPMS & Pirelli Scorpion Tires

    For Sale Brand New Set of 22" OEM Turbine Black Wheels Set w/ TPMS & Pirelli Scorpion Tires. Mounted and Balanced by Tesla. Never been mounted on a vehicle. Package Includes: 2 x 22X9.0 Turbine wheels 2 x 22X10.0 Turbine wheels 2 x 265/35R22- Pirelli Scorpion tires 2 x 285/35R22- Pirelli...
  6. A

    For Sale 2016 Model X P90D with only 16K miles for sale in central Florida

    Selling my X P90D with ludicrous +, autopilot, new home charging cable, towing package, current software, ventilated seats, MSRP new $149,500. Only 16K miles in great shape. Want 82,500. Make me an offer. Located about 30 min north of Orlando.
  7. ClarkJoeKent

    For Sale in Georgia: 21" Silver Arachnid wheels, tires & TPMS package for Model S or X

    Tesla Model S or X 21" Silver Arachnid performance wheels, tires, and TPMS set is brand-new, unused, and super rare. These cannot be purchased from Tesla anymore (limited edition). They will be installed at the Alpharetta-Roswell Tesla service center for FREE. We no longer own our Model S, which...
  8. JoeLustig

    17’ Model X75 with 14k tires?

    I knew the tires wouldn’t last too long. I have 14k miles in 15 months, the outside edges of the front tires are very low. Psi is always right around 45. Suspension adjusts for some parking lots ect and I just adjusted the auto lowering to very high speeds (heard this could tear up the tires...
  9. James G.

    Mobile charger

  10. Wooloomooloo

    Metal Pedals

    One thing that makes me shudder every time I see a Model 3 review video, is looking at the plastic pedals. My current car has alloy pedals which I think give it a premium look, as well as being more durable. Do you think a future 'sports' version of the Model 3 will have these?
  11. Carspotter Daily

    Tapp - Tesla Application for mac

    Hello, I have spent a lot of time working on the new Tapp, and hope that is evident in the latest release. Since I now have developer signing, I have included a conventional .dmg disk to install I've tried to make the best possible user experience, and feel that the app could be...
  12. Rick59

    Need an Ottawa Service Center

    My Model X will not install updates due to a malfunctioning falcon wing door sensor. Ranger came to Ottawa from Montreal but couldn’t fix it. I had to drive to Montreal, drop it off and drive back with a loaner (90D Model S). Asked them to swap winter / summer wheels/tires. Today, they called to...
  13. GetYourWheels

    2017 P100D X Avant Garde M615

    2017 Model X P100D with 22" Avant Garde M615 Size: 22x9.0 | 22x10.5 Finish: Satin Black Tires: Continental DWS06 265/35/22 | 285/35/22 Other: Hub-centric | OE TPMS Compatible | Custom Offsets available Let me know if you guys have any questions!
  14. Kizzy

    Model X Test Drive

    My friend and I test drove a Model X yesterday at the Corte Madera showroom location. This was my second time driving a Tesla (and the first time for my friend. We were both excited and nervous about traveling so far in an ICE car to drive an EV. Unfortunately, traffic was so bad. We were...
  15. Tony_YYZ

    Recommended Electricians for Charger Installation

    Hi All, Just wondering if we could get a list going of Electricians in various part of Canada that users have used to get their HPWC, NEMA 14-50, Juicebox, etc installed at reasonable rates. I have read a lot of stories about customers being price gouged once they hear you are installing a...
  16. EVTM3

    Would you switch to a Insurance provider offering Tesla Insurance?

    Aviva is offering vehicles that have automatic emergency braking, a discount of 15% off premiums. I am not too sure if any other insurance brokers offer a similar program but this is something to consider with a Tesla.
  17. CabinetSavage

    What's it like owning a Tesla?

    I am a 24 year old IT student and the M3 will be the most expensive and nicest car I have ever owned. Ever since I knew was Tesla was, its been a dream of mine to own one, as well as doing my part to help reduce my carbon footprint. For those of you that already own a Tesla, what is it like to...
  18. Jamaicaman

    Interesting read on the model x doors

    Making the door more reliable? At what cost?
  19. Kizzy

    Model X Sightings

    In the past few months, I periodically see a Model S, and more rarely, a Roadster. Recently, however, I've been seeing more Model Xs. Like they're really getting out now, and more quickly than the S did (as far as ramp up of visibility after release). What have your observations been? Am I...
  20. MelindaV

    Model X update - 5 seat option

    Tesla has added a 5 seat option to the Model X configuration starting at $83,000. To compare the 6 seat config is $88,500 and the 7 seat $89,500 - both requiring the $2,500 air suspension option that the 5 seat config does not.
  21. TrevP

    Model X trek across Canada

    Just in case some of you are not aware, there's a couple who I think took delivery of the very first Model X in Canada who are doing a cross-country trek with a camper in tow. You can find their website here for the latest developments: @Kennethbokor and I have been...
  22. RSSFeed

    Model S/X Suspension Issues

    The news of NHTSA regulators looking into a potential problem with the Tesla Model S’ suspension blew up yesterday after literally hundreds of media outlets, from Reuters to the NY Times, picked up the story. There are a lot of misleading headlines and reports out there right now so let’s focus...