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  1. V

    2018 Model S Midnight Silver Metallic-need input on color and finish of 20-inch wheels. I am looking for a classy look as I am an older male.

    2018 Model S Midnight Silver Metallic. I would like your input on the color and finish of the 20-inch staggard setup. I am also debating to black out the chrome and if I do I want to maintain a classy look. Not sure whether to go for a satin black, carbon, etc. I read a few articles that say...
  2. D

    For Sale Brand new Tesla Carry-On Luggage Case

    Brand new sealed Tesla Luggage Carry-On Case for sale. 22inch hardshell case thats a rollaway. TSA approved and comes with a combination lock that attaches to the zippers. 3 different size black pouches for your travel accessories. $250 shipped
  3. D

    For Sale Tesla Carry-On Luggage Hardshell Case sealed in box

    Im selling a few brand new in box and sealed Tesla Carry-On Luggage Case. These are not sold in stores and only given for referrals. 22inch rollaway hardshell case that comes in gray/black color. TSA approved and has a combination lock that attaches to the zippers. Also included is 3 different...
  4. E

    Used Model S buying guidance

    Hello members-I'm new to the forum and looking to buy my first tesla. I'm looking for your guidance on things to look out for and any recommendations. Some details are below a. Model S in red, blue or silver color preferably dual motor (75D would be ideal). I am in the Portland metro area with...
  5. NJturtlePower

    James May (Top Gear Host) has bought a new car....and it's a SSSSSSSexy one! ;)

  6. C

    Original 2016 Tesla Model S 19" Wheels w/ TPMS Sensor / Michelin Tires - $650

    I upgraded to 21" wheels from my referral bonus, hence selling my old wheels. Located in SF bay area. They are from 2016 models S, including original wheels with Michelin Primacy Mxm4 tires (245/45R19). The total miles on the tires is about 35K. Overall very good condition except some scratch...
  7. Jonathan Comeau

    Looking for recommendations for window tinting and chrome delete in Toronto area

    We are going to be in the greater Toronto area this summer (early August) and I'm looking for recommendations for shops with experience doing window tinting and chrome deletes on Tesla's, preferably a shop that does both.
  8. R

    Used high Mileage M S70 D

    Hello everyone, I am looking for advice. I came across a taxi/service model S that has over 230k, 2016. This may be my best bet to jump in on a Tesla but am I just asking for trouble? Costly repairs? During the autonomy presentation I believe Elon mentioned / implied that 2016 and up we're...
  9. ClarkJoeKent

    For Sale in Georgia: 21" Silver Arachnid wheels, tires & TPMS package for Model S or X

    Tesla Model S or X 21" Silver Arachnid performance wheels, tires, and TPMS set is brand-new, unused, and super rare. These cannot be purchased from Tesla anymore (limited edition). They will be installed at the Alpharetta-Roswell Tesla service center for FREE. We no longer own our Model S, which...
  10. A

    Feynlab installer- Orlando, Fl.

    Auto Salon of Orlando is the city's premiere provider of fine line automotive detailing, window tinting, PPF, ceramic, paint correction and vehicle wrapping services. We have the professional experience, use the highest quality materials and employ state of the art techniques to achieve the...
  11. James G.

    Mobile charger

  12. TrevP

    Tesla connectors poll. What would you prefer?

    Connectivity is crucial in this modern day and many people are struggling with Model 3 with wanting wireless charging, dashcam storage etc.. If you could have a voice with Tesla, what would you prefer to see in their cars?
  13. S

    SOLD: Tesla 19" Slipstream wheels (set of 4)

    For sale: set of four 19" Slipstream wheels for Model S. Like new with no damage, never repaired or painted, no curb rash. Stored flat in box with rim protectors and breathable covers on. Perfect 2nd set for summer/winter use. Includes Tesla centre caps. $1960 new from the SC, selling for...
  14. Wooloomooloo

    Metal Pedals

    One thing that makes me shudder every time I see a Model 3 review video, is looking at the plastic pedals. My current car has alloy pedals which I think give it a premium look, as well as being more durable. Do you think a future 'sports' version of the Model 3 will have these?
  15. Maurice

    CPOs “Not Refurbished”?

    I just went and looked at a CPO Model S on Tesla’s site and this disclaimer was on at least two: "Not Refurbished This car has passed a 70-point mechanical inspection and will be cleaned before delivery. If you would like any additional work that is not covered under your warranty, we can...
  16. Carspotter Daily

    Tapp - Tesla Application for mac

    Hello, I have spent a lot of time working on the new Tapp, and hope that is evident in the latest release. Since I now have developer signing, I have included a conventional .dmg disk to install I've tried to make the best possible user experience, and feel that the app could be...
  17. Tonlow

    So do I order a model 3 long range or keep my model S 75?

    So just received an email for my 2nd model 3 configuration and I'm debating between keeping my model S revised 75 or configurating and trading in my S for the 3 long range. What do everyone think? Any good review comparing the two that you recommend I look at. The thing I like so far on the 3 is...
  18. TrevP

    For Canadians: A few used Model S under $60K
  19. TrevP

    Anyone else considering Model S over Model 3 bc/timing?

    Just wondering if anyone else is considering a Model S/X over the Model 3 because of timing? Being in Canada the current placeholder shows "late 2018" for everyone and I was really counting on spring of 2018 since I timed my lease end with what I thought was a production ramp needing 6-9 months...
  20. Tony_YYZ

    Model 3 Option Packages - A preview of what it looks like for the Model S

    Hi All, Yesterday some of our fellow Telsa enthusiasts were greeted with a new configurator for the Model S. It looks like they are testing the pre-made packages for the Model S. It also appears the site is being served in an A/B testing fashion so it's not available to everyone. Based on some...
  21. justinrc

    Model S paint (mentioned in episode)

    Hi everyone, I have reserved a Model 3 but am starting to contemplate getting a Model S instead of waiting. Recently there was an episode of M3OC where various paint options were discussed. In the episode there was 1 type of paint that was highly criticised as being difficult to maintain and...
  22. TrevP

    Shaking the piggy bank...

    As I'm want to do on occasion I dropped into the local Tesla shop in Toronto today just to see how things are going in the CPO department. I like to check on prices and availability from time to time just to get a feel for the land since we still don't know Model 3 pricing yet. Let's just say...
  23. Tony_YYZ

    Recommended Electricians for Charger Installation

    Hi All, Just wondering if we could get a list going of Electricians in various part of Canada that users have used to get their HPWC, NEMA 14-50, Juicebox, etc installed at reasonable rates. I have read a lot of stories about customers being price gouged once they hear you are installing a...
  24. EVTM3

    Would you switch to a Insurance provider offering Tesla Insurance?

    Aviva is offering vehicles that have automatic emergency braking, a discount of 15% off premiums. I am not too sure if any other insurance brokers offer a similar program but this is something to consider with a Tesla.
  25. Tony_YYZ

    Had an overnight demo of a Model S

    I had an overnight demo of a Model S 75D last night. It was my first time driving a Tesla. And I have to say....WOW! The driving dynamic of that car is completely different than anything I've ever driven before. That low center of gravity made it handle like a champ. Acceleration was so...
  26. CabinetSavage

    What's it like owning a Tesla?

    I am a 24 year old IT student and the M3 will be the most expensive and nicest car I have ever owned. Ever since I knew was Tesla was, its been a dream of mine to own one, as well as doing my part to help reduce my carbon footprint. For those of you that already own a Tesla, what is it like to...
  27. TrevP

    No, I want my mommy. Ludicrous+ is here

    Man I love Tesla's sense of humour ;)
  28. Model 3 size compared to Model S

    Model 3 size compared to Model S

    This animated gif shows the relative size in profile of the Model 3 compared to the Model S. Scaling was approximated by scaling and lining up wheel sizes (21" on the Model S and 20" on the Model 3) and comparing mirror and size turn signal sizes which appear to be identical on both cars.
  29. TrevP

    Regenerative braking on a software-locked 60kWh Model S

    Ran across this video and thought some of you might like to know that a Model S with a 75kWh battery software-locked to 60kWh can indeed do positive regenerative energy capture on a 100% charged battery. Normally this is not possible on a normal battery due to no having any headroom to recapture...
  30. TrevP

    Potentioal Good deal on a Model S if someone is interested...

    Just saw these on autotrader... Located in Sydney NS. Might be a good deal for someone who doesn't want to wait for a Model 3 but details are scarce. Give them a call if you're interested...