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  1. B

    For Sale For sale - Model 3 Charge Port Skin (Matrix style) $14

    Hi everyone. I got two of these charge port skinz from for Christmas: I got the Matrix model. However, I only have one Model 3, so I have an extra. If I return it to EVAnnex, I have to pay for shipping, they...
  2. ng0

    Suggestion Which software updates are you wanting/expecting from your Model 3?

    One of the biggest complaints about the car seems to be software features, but they can be updated over the air!! I'd like to use this thread to keep a running list of software updates that you're wanting, hoping for, or expecting based on Elon Musk's tweets/statements. So please let me know...
  3. Flaximus

    For Sale OEM 18" Model 3 Michelin tires; buy 1, 2, or 4; 7.5K miles, NYC area

    I’ve bought summers and winters so I no longer need the OEM all-seasons that came on my car. My car was built in May of this year 2019 so the tires are pretty fresh. No damage, just 7,500 miles. They’re in my shed right now so I don’t have photos handy, honestly there’s not much to see. But if...
  4. theishu

    SOLD 2018 LR RWD Model 3 (Multi-coat Red) FSD, EAP, Aero - BETTER THAN NEW! (DC area)

    Why is this better than a new Model 3? 1. Long Range Rear-wheel Drive (no longer available) 2. Multi-coat Red ($2,500 today) 3. Lifetime LTE connectivity for OTA software updates, traffic, streaming music, Spotify, Netflix, Youtube (LTE for new cars is free for 1 year only) 4. Homelink...
  5. casudhoff

    Tesla autopilot prevents accident with coyote

    Fall is here and we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and take a day trip to nearby Louisville, Kentucky. After an amazing day of exploring the city, (and even getting free charging in one of the parking garages) it was around 8:30 pm and dark; it time to head back home. We...
  6. K

    Question Advice on how to redo this tint?

    A couple weeks ago we had window tint installed. I learned my lesson about not personally vetting the shop (it’s complicated). Anyway, the workmanship is questionable and there was miscommunication about the rear window tint. I wanted a single sheet which I was told would be done, but not like...
  7. T

    Battery Degradation - Rated Range calculation

    I made a video explaining the difference between rated range in KM/Miles and 0-100% and why there is a difference. Before the questions start coming, here is also a tweet from Elon Musk regarding the buffer, confirming my finding. He explains some of the things I measured with the BMS - there...
  8. S

    What are the best 18" Winter Tires for the Model 3?

    I know there have been various threads on the topic of winter tires for the Model 3, but I wanted to do a poll amongst the owners who have or are thinking about buying winter tires for their cars. Specifically the 18" variant because it's the most common (and what I have :p). Please vote and...
  9. J

    Where do I find help

    I'd been talking with my customer service rep for weeks about how to buy a special off menu performance model 3. They found one for me in Kansas City Missouri, and my local rep called me to tell me about the price drop, and that I should move forward with the purchase we'd been talking about for...
  10. MoreAgain

    RWD Model 3 Chasing BMW M3 on Track - MPP PartyBox Beta V. 2.0

    Fun Time-Trial training event with the Alfa Romeo Club. Good opportunity to try out version 2 of the PartyBox by Mountain Pass Performance. Chasing down a BMW M3 and a sweet little 1982 Porsche 911 SC.
  11. S

    My car stops charging every time is locks!

    Hello! I just purchased my mode 3 yesterday, and went to charge it but I noticed that every time the car locks itself, it stops charging in which makes me have to go into the app to unlock for it to charge for a little bit more . Please help!
  12. maxmoq

    Model 3 Corrosion issue

    I found corrosion on the trunk height adjuster studs. Anyone else have this issue? Unscrew yours and check. My model 3 is 2 months old.
  13. C

    New Member from San Francisco

    Hi all, Tesla lover and I'm ready to sell my Jeep and purchase a Model 3. Still undecided because the standard rwd vs dual motor awd so any feedback/information would be greatly appreciated. I will definitely be reading the forums to learn more. It will be a daily driver but not very far from...
  14. Eric714

    Crack in paint between the hood and headlight

    I was getting a ceramic coating done today on my Model 3. (BTW, found a great young guy in the Chicagoland area been doing ceramic and Glassparency for a couple of years. Nice work and great price. If you're interested, pm me.) The guy noticed a crack about 4" long between the headlight and...
  15. M

    Best Route for Young Driver looking to Buy Tesla Model 3 (UK)

    Hey! I'm 18 and have always been a big electric car enthusiest, I've only just passed my Test in April 2019 and am Currently just driving a Little Renault Clio 1.2 Extreme as a run around. Now, of course right now It's very unlikely I can insure a Tesla Model 3 if I bought one, however I plan...
  16. MountainPass

    How To: Perform Hard Reset on Model 3

    Hello friends! Sasha's music streaming stopped working for a full day last week, and after we got it back up and running using this procedure we realized it would be selfish to not share it with all of you. This guide will walk you through how to perform a hard reset on your Tesla Model 3...
  17. X

    Hood paint defects?

    After washing the car I see ~8 spots all on the hood that looks like a paint defects. It looks like the clear coat paint is coming off but not sure. Is it a paint issue or just normal wears? I've tried to rub with microfiber towel but couldn't get rid of it and I don't feel any bumps. The car...
  18. km-nm

    Cameras Disabled After Windshield Replacement

    We just got our car back from Car Crafters in ABQ after a windshield replacement. The rear camera still works fine but the front camera (and the 2 side cameras!) do not. Unfortunately, Car Crafters is closed until Monday, so I've been looking for a way to reset/fix thing myself. More info...
  19. GateFather

    The Techlology Guy - Tesla Videos

    Hey Everyone, this is my show where I’m focusing mostly on Tesla but will mix some other Tech in eventually as well! I’m just starting out but so far I have 4 episodes. I’m going to post each here in a separate post so I can link back to them individually should they become relevant and helpful...
  20. C

    Charge Cable Release For Non Tesla Wall Charger

    Hi All, First post here after watching Trevor's great work for over 3+ years. I am eagerly getting ready for my Model 3 arrival in the UK after a long wait. In the UK we have a government grant for £500 against approved home chargers. Unfortunately the Tesla Wall Charger is not approved. I...
  21. TK421

    OEM 18" Wheels, tires, aeros, and center cap kit $1000 [Bay Area]

    Selling as a set. Aeros hardly used. Stock rims have some curb rash (will update with pics later)
  22. ram3n

    FS: Tesla Model 3 OEM 18" Aero wheels w/ tires & Center Caps + Lug nut covers

    Selling a complete set of 4x 18" Aero wheels with remaining tire tread life + Aero Covers + set of Tesla center caps & wheel lug covers Wheels/tires have roughly 20k miles driven on it (90% highway driven miles). 2 of the wheels have slight curb rash on them. Can post photos later if necessary...
  23. NJturtlePower

    You think this guardrail will buff right out? MUST SEE!!!

    Model 3 shish kabob anyone? :eek:
  24. pfunkadunk

    LEGO Tesla Model 3

    I love my Model 3 and created a LEGO version. What do you think?
  25. D

    For Sale 18" Model 3 aero wheels/caps, no tires

    I have for sale a set of 4 18" Aero wheels and 4 caps (not pictured) for sale. 3/4 wheels have curb rash, and because of that I am pricing them accordingly. I figured these would be great for someone looking for a 2nd set of wheels for winter or racing. I also have the OEM tires with less than...
  26. unpluggedperformance

    (Video) Tesla Track Mode Consultant Randy Pobst Tests Unplugged Performance Upgrades on Track at TeslaCorsa

    Unplugged Performance has partnered with Randy Pobst as a strategic advisor and test driver for our Tesla performance upgrades. Randy's experience in developing Track Mode for Tesla provides us with a great baseline and solid guidance for our performance products which are developed to surpass...
  27. DvdRbrts

    Model 3 Performance Carbon Fiber Spoiler (Factory/OEM)

    Picked up today from the Tesla Service Center. Message me an offer if interested.
  28. Z

    Cheap wireless charger upgrade

    I came up with a cheap wireless charger upgrade if you have a 3D printer. You can find the files on It is designed specifically for the Yootech wireless charger, the most highly reviewed one on Amazon. You'll need: 1) Wireless charger 2) USB power only...
  29. kizamebute'

    Finally got it, Tesla Model 3 Unplugged Ascension Front Fascia (Bumper Cover), Love it!

    Never been a fan of Tesla's front end design language. I still preferred the Model S with the nose cone. Just personal taste. Tesla originally included the nose cone on the Model S to soften the blow for buyers not wanting an EV that looked weird or different as many do. The nose cone at least...