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  1. JWardell

    Model 3 refresh coming soon

    We've heard of blacked out trim, and Elon promised power trunk, but Electrek just posted an article after what they are claiming was proof of a refresh. The most significant of these is getting rid of the gloss black center console!
  2. P

    Input on Model 3 wheel size and rim type

    I ordered my Model 3 a few weeks back and trying to get all my ducks in a row so that I can get everything done as soon as I take delivery. I am looking at purchasing some "EFP-8 Forged Wheel Set For Tesla" from Electric Performance Wheels. If anyone has installed a set of their wheels, curious...
  3. R

    New purchase checklist

    Hey everyone, I’m purchasing a used 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long range awd next week and will be traveling out of state to pick it up. What I should check for before finalizing the purchase. interior/exterior checklist? Thanks in advance!
  4. davidscc

    Orange County - Tint Shop Recommendations

    I don't see any new threads from 2020 regarding this topic and feel like things have probably changed but does anyone have tint shop recommendations for the Orange County area? Lifetime warranty and good customer service is a must! Thanks, David
  5. W

    Denied Classic Car Trade-in

    Hey guys, Looking to purchase a Model 3 and was planning on trading in an old 77 Corvette. In the past I had been planning to do the same thing but ended up cancelling my reservation. At that time I filled in a trade in form and received an offer of $7500 for the Vette (Which i thought was...
  6. John

    Model Y Rim Touchup on the Cheap

    Unfortunately, when a family member scuffs the Model Y 20” induction wheels, the damage is super obvious. Luckily, I had the proper repair tool. Final result looks great: Kit can be purchased here for $5.97.
  7. T

    Twin memory foam mattress for Tesla model 3

    Hi guys, I am selling my Better Habitat Memory foam mattress that fits perfectly in a model 3. I am sure it fits in all the other models also... I have only used it once for a road trip from CA to Grand Canyon. I have sold my tesla so I don't have a need for this anymore. It has 5 stars on...
  8. TrevP

    Tesla LEGO Model 3 design

    Hey guys, as some of you many know from my YouTube videos I'm a huge LEGO fan with many kits in my collection but today I decided to try my hand as using from CAD software, name to try and make a Supercharger and a Model 3. I've seen some other designs on the net and recreated my own...
  9. N

    Tesla Model 3 Hack: Web-based attack crashes Tesla driver interface

    Hi everyone! I am new here to the forums and wanted to share one of my findings for you all here. Web-based attack crashes Tesla driver interface I have been waiting to share this bug for a while. I have always been a long time lurker and I guess this is me coming out of my cave lol. I have...
  10. Gwgans

    Crash with injuries

    Sorry if this already posted. I am primarily interested in the safety implications of this car crash. Older driver listed as one of the seriously injured. Please add intel if you have it...
  11. Jeda Products

    Jeda Products Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Giveaway.

    Valid on one Model 3 or Model 3 Accessory (Model Y Hub launching in April.) To enter: Follow @getjeda and retweet: Tweet us in the same thread, the name of your Model 3 or upcoming Model Y. Winner announced 04/03/2020 and will get to...
  12. Jeda Products


    SALES LIVE ON THE WEBSITE! Thanks for your support $10 off Jeda USB Hub: jedahub $20 off Jeda Wireless Pad: jedapad $40 off Jeda Bundle: jedabundle
  13. SP's Tesla

    Where can I rent a Tesla?

    I will likely be joining the Tesla family this Fall when my current lease expires, and will be hopping into a Model Y! As I do a lot of traveling for business, I was wondering if any rental car companies offer Tesla’s as an option? I’d love to be able to spend a few days with a M3 to get a feel...
  14. SmogTM

    Model 3 Performance FSD $57k

    Red multicoat paint with black interior: - Full self driving (HW3) - 5,340 miles - Front partial PPF and full ceramic coating - CF center console wrap - Nomad wireless charger - Basenor Model 3 rubber seal kit - 2 set of wheels and tires: - Original 20" Performance wheels and tires (one has a...
  15. unpluggedperformance

    Unplugged Performance Sets Multiple Lap Records at Buttonwillow Raceway

    We are happy to announce that last Saturday at TeslaCorsa 8 we broke some lap time records at Buttonwillow! It was an amazing 8th TeslaCorsa event for all and many drivers had new personal bests! The XPO Sales x Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 ran a 1:54.6 on race rubber and a 1:57.9 on DOT...
  16. S

    For Sale Model 3 Trunk and Frunk Power lifts with foot wave

    Looking to sell a kit for both frunk and trunk. Never opened, brand new, shipping tape is still on. Looking to sell at buying price. Had a change a heart after purchasing. Description: The Hansshow TESLA Model 3 Power Trunk and Frunk liftgates are the best you can buy. These units allow you to...
  17. awedio_femi

    SOLD MPP Model 3 Sports Coilovers AWD/Performance

    Brand new, in the original box, parts are untouched & unpacked. $2590 Pickup is available in So. Cal (Ventura County). Shipping is via FedEx ground & I'll pay the first $30.
  18. Jeda Products

    12v Socket Installation PDF Instruction Manual

    We created a 12v socket informational PDF for use with the Jeda Wireless Pad. This can be done to free up the front USB ports and/or provide fast charging to the Jeda Wireless Pad. For any questions feel free to comments below! PDF attached.
  19. Akurtts

    Question Climate keeper unavailable due to system fault alert

    While trying to troubleshoot why an update won't download even though my Model 3 is connected to our WiFi (this is a whole other issue that hasn't been sorted out) I came across this message (see image) Anyone encountered this and have any ideas what that means?
  20. Z

    Question LA Central Model 3 Demo? 91423

    Hello Tesla people in LA (Zip Code 91423) A Co-worker who is currently leasing a Chevy Bolt - and is possibly considering switching to a Tesla model 3 and is looking for some insights. Would some one be willing to provide feedback of going from a Chevy Volt to a Tesla Model 3? If you'r really...
  21. S

    Does the new model3 keyfob support passive entry on 2 different keyfobs?

    I just bought 2 new keyfobs with the TESLA logo on them. I cannot set both of them to support passive entry. If one of them can use passive entry, another one cannot use this feature. So is there anyone can use passive entry on 2 different keyfob?
  22. eXntrc

    Vehicle automatically parked to prevent rollaway

    I keep telling myself not to be so lazy, but damn this car makes it easy. One year into owning my 3 and I still find myself just hitting that door button without putting it into park. Why? Because there are no consequences! The vehicle just kindly parks itself and gives me a friendly reminder...
  23. D

    For Sale 2019 Model 3 AWD LR 2019 sold

    for sale, 2019 model 3 AWD, LR picked up June 2019.
  24. B

    SOLD New Model 3 winter wheel set for sale

    Looking to sale a brand new Model 3 wheel set. Pirelli Soto Zero 3 tires. 18 inch rims. Never used. Looking for $1200. Will ship if buyer pays for shipping.
  25. N

    For Sale 2020 Model 3 Longe Range AWD

    Hello Everyone, Pictures are never clear in here* Text me for better photos 2020 Tesla Model 3 Longe Range Dual Motor AWD. It will come with all the Tesla goodies but here are the additional specs: 2,000 Miles Long Range Battery (322 Miles) Dual Motor AWD Pearl White w/ Black Interior V3...
  26. A

    aritweets: I Rebuilt a Model 3 from an auction

    I am so excited to be part of the Tesla family. Enjoy the video for the rebuild! Going to be posted more tesla videos, must have accessories and other repairs. Today I finished the final last repair which was replacing the End Tie Rod, so now the Model 3 is 100% mechanically sound, besides...
  27. B

    For Sale For sale - Model 3 Charge Port Skin (Matrix style) $14

    Hi everyone. I got two of these charge port skinz from for Christmas: I got the Matrix model. However, I only have one Model 3, so I have an extra. If I return it to EVAnnex, I have to pay for shipping, they...
  28. ng0

    Suggestion Which software updates are you wanting/expecting from your Model 3?

    One of the biggest complaints about the car seems to be software features, but they can be updated over the air!! I'd like to use this thread to keep a running list of software updates that you're wanting, hoping for, or expecting based on Elon Musk's tweets/statements. So please let me know...
  29. Flaximus

    For Sale OEM 18" Model 3 Michelin tires; buy 1, 2, or 4; 7.5K miles, NYC area

    I’ve bought summers and winters so I no longer need the OEM all-seasons that came on my car. My car was built in May of this year 2019 so the tires are pretty fresh. No damage, just 7,500 miles. They’re in my shed right now so I don’t have photos handy, honestly there’s not much to see. But if...
  30. theishu

    SOLD 2018 LR RWD Model 3 (Multi-coat Red) FSD, EAP, Aero - BETTER THAN NEW! (DC area)

    Why is this better than a new Model 3? 1. Long Range Rear-wheel Drive (no longer available) 2. Multi-coat Red ($2,500 today) 3. Lifetime LTE connectivity for OTA software updates, traffic, streaming music, Spotify, Netflix, Youtube (LTE for new cars is free for 1 year only) 4. Homelink...