model 3 suspension

  1. B

    Increasing suspension travel and/or lifting (was: Model 3 Offroaders!)

    I have my Model 3 on order and I am super stoked about my new EV. That said, I am concerned about the low suspension, especially in the snow (high centering is a pain). Because of the air suspension on the Model S, I don't believe there has been any discussion about traditional coil suspension...
  2. T Sportline

    About T Sportline, Inc.

    T Sportline is proud to be the World’s First Tesla Tuner. It takes a certain courage to believe that one can improve upon a product as revolutionary as a Tesla. For T Sportline, the confidence that we could improve upon Tesla's Model S was the result of over thirty years of experience in luxury...
  3. MountainPass

    MPP Model 3 Sports Coilovers Dual Motor/Performance/P+

    These are quickly becoming our most anticipated product yet. Adding more power without equivalent braking and handling has left the Dual Motor/Performance/P+ Model 3 in a tough spot compared to its rivals like the BMW M3. We aim to resolve every weakness with the Model 3 and make it the sports...