model 3 performance

  1. vadermanion

    2019 Model 3 LR vs 2021 Model 3 performance

    I currently have a 2019 Model 3 LR RWD. I've always wondered if I should have gone with the dual motor but haven't really had any issues. With the used car market still hopping, I've started to think about trading in and picking up a 2021 Model 3 Performance. With the range improvements and...
  2. A

    Model 3 Performance tire factory setup is AWFUL

    I’ve been a very, very happy Model 3 Performance owner for about 2.5 years….it’s really the best car I’ve ever owned. But The whole factory wheel/tire setup is impractical, at least for the Northeast, and really awful without a spare. First, when I bought it (December 2018), it was only...
  3. MidnightP3DPlus

    Anyone replace their OE PS4S Tires with an all-season option?

    I’ve got 25K miles on the PS4S tires and the rear tires are now at 2/32. Fronts may have 3/32. I need to get a new set of tires and I don’t want to go back with summer tires for several reasons, but the range impact they have is the biggest. I’m looking at either sticking with the stock...
  4. SmogTM

    Model 3 Performance FSD $57k

    Red multicoat paint with black interior: - Full self driving (HW3) - 5,340 miles - Front partial PPF and full ceramic coating - CF center console wrap - Nomad wireless charger - Basenor Model 3 rubber seal kit - 2 set of wheels and tires: - Original 20" Performance wheels and tires (one has a...
  5. MuriLOCO

    Model 3 Performance new Winter Tires Michelin PILOT ALPIN PA4ASIMMETRICO 235/35R20

    Hi every one, I switched my rims of my Model 3 Performance for 18 inches and I am selling my winter tires. Currently I am in Montreal but I can deliver the tires up to 200 km from here. Here is my announce: 4x Winter tires, 1 year old (1 tire was bought in 2020 and is still under warranty by...
  6. casudhoff

    M3P wheel cap template

    Love these but I can't bring myself to spend $300 on wheel caps. I have some matte CF vinyl and wanted to see if anyone has an opensource cut file SVG or DWG that they would kindly share. Thanks in advance!
  7. T Sportline

    Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Trunk Wing

    Buy our more aggressive and sporty gloss or matte carbon fiber trunk wing spoiler! Attaches with double sided tape that is already adhered to the wing! Silver Tesla Model 3 with Matte Carbon Fiber Trunk Wing and Space Gray 18" TST Flow Forged Turbine Wheels
  8. T Sportline

    Show Off Your T Sportline Wheels!

    Show off your T Sportline 18" TST, 19" TST, 19" TSS Flow Forged, 20" TST, 20" TSS Flow Forged or your 20" M3115 Forged Wheels here!
  9. Mayhem

    Dragy DATA: Model 3 P ALMOST as fast as Model S P85D

    I posted this over at TMC, but worth a repost here I think. Looking at Dragy Tesla leaderboards can tell us some interesting things. If they are on the leaderboard that means that the slope was greater than -1 degree and they had good GPS signal. I have below all the data since the device came...