model 3 forged wheels

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  1. TrevP

    HOT Exclusive first look at the Model 3 forged performance referral wheels

    Here you go folks! An exclusive first look at the forged Model 3 performance wheels from the referral program. After a seemingly long delay it appears the forged performance wheels are almost ready to go for referral winners who selected them as their prize. No other details at this time other...
  2. T Sportline

    Tesla Model 3 Flow Forged Wheels - Model TSS Available in 18", 19" & 20"

    The T Sportline TSS Tesla Model 3 Flow Forged Wheel is built exclusively for the Tesla Model 3. It's manufactured in a flow forged process and is available in 3 colors: Space Gray, Gloss Black, and Matte Black. Our Space Gray finish contains dark tones of grey and black mixed with metallic...
  3. T Sportline

    Show Off Your T Sportline Wheels!

    Show off your T Sportline 18" TST, 19" TST, 19" TSS Flow Forged, 20" TST, 20" TSS Flow Forged or your 20" M3115 Forged Wheels here!