model 3 awd

  1. shimmy

    Tesla OEM Carbon Fiber Install Process on non-P AWD White Model 3 (w/pics)

    Picked up an OEM Carbon Fiber spoiler: ...and wanted to share my install experience, as I dared to install it on my own, on my white model 3 AWD. There are reports of fitment issues, with the edges specifically. In looking at the back of the spoiler, which uses 3M double stick (it's strong!)...
  2. HNMAK

    Front brakes make clonking sound when braking

    This seems to come and go but it appears to happen when the car is cold. When I attempt to make a full stop, one of the front brakes makes a very audible clonk (it sounds like a metal tool falling on concrete). I can't seem to find other threads or other people experiencing this issue but I am...
  3. J

    Model 3 AWD Issues? (0-60 not as advertised)

    Hello, I have a regular Model 3 AWD and I have been timing the 0-60 times at 5.1 seconds which is the exact time of the RWD. Is it possible my dual motors are not working? AWD is supposed to do 0-60 in 4.5 seconds. Has anyone else noticed this with their dual motor? Should I contact Tesla...