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  1. Taney71

    Questions about Buying a Tesla in Michigan in 2021

    I'm going to likely buy a Model Y sometime this year and I live in Michigan. I already have a Model 3 that I bought back in 2018 but that was before the Tesla and state of Michigan lawsuit settlement. The settlement has been awesome for me because Tesla opened up the Detroit-Clarkston service...
  2. Outdoors

    Model 3 meetup Ann Arbor, MI Supercharger 1/27 9:00am-12noon

  3. TrevP

    Project TIM

    Someone mentioned "project TIM" to me last night at the meet up and I had to look it up. Some kind of massive secret project in Michigan about a manufacturing facility powered by clean energy. I wonder if Tesla has anything to do with this given their troubles with Michigan state laws and...