1. TrevP

    Official EVs and Tea in Miami!

    ‪Here it is folks, bigger and better than ever!‬ ‪Join me along with @Mad Hungarian @ecfix @SoFlaModel3 and many others in Miami on February 8th! ‬ Special thanks to @EVANNEX , InsiveEVs, Plugin America for sponsoring this event! ‪RSVP to attend using this link ‬ ‬
  2. Model3GER

    First Tesla Model 3 community meetup

    At this point it's in the making. But as a fan of Tesla and the inspiring community I would like to organize a meetup in the centre of Germany - Fulda - where all the enthusiasts from most parts of Germany would have less than 4 hours commute. The weekend is already chosen (18th or 19th May...
  3. Bokonon

    Massachusetts Meetup

    Greetings, fellow TOOers in Massachusetts (and anywhere within driving distance)! There's been some talk of scheduling a meetup before the weather turns too craptastical, so I thought I'd create a separate thread to help us sort out the details. I've added a poll so we can get a rough idea...
  4. 3VOLUTN

    Tesla Takeover - Kettleman City to Avila Beach April 21-22nd

    It sounded like fun so I registered to join. Anyone else going? Hopefully weather is nice! :cool:
  5. Outdoors

    Model 3 meetup Ann Arbor, MI Supercharger 1/27 9:00am-12noon

  6. DC_3

    Anyone know of a DC Area Meet Up?

    I need to get my wife inside a Model 3 before she signs off on buying it for the family. Anyone know of a new owner doing a meetup in the DC are similar to what Riggerjon did in Austin?
  7. Rich M

    Philly Metro and Suburbs Thread

    THE Thread to check into for any: meetups photo ops local-road-specific autopilot glitches good destination charging spots bad destination charging spots you name it! I'm checking in from Berks county, and reserved on 3/31 at the Devon service center/store.
  8. TrevP

    Model 3 Owners Club GTA SPRING Meetup

    Hi folks It's getting close.... can you feel it? Model 3 production lines going in next week, possible pilot production of cars coming off the line soon.... Model 3 is indeed on time so we're getting closer to that "final reveal" Elon promised a few months ago. Given the timing we think it...