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  1. kornerz

    Maps Update from USB / Custom Sources

    Hi everyone, Recently Tesla published EU map data version 2020.32-12313, which contains some improvements for European routing. However, in the same update they decided to remove routing data for Ukraine, Belarus and nearby areas: As a result, in-car navigation became pretty much useless for...
  2. TrevP

    HOT Smart Summon problems with strange routes? Fix them yourself!

    It's been discovered that Tesla uses OpenStreetMap data for parking lot mapping for Smart Summon. If you're having trouble with Smart Summon taking strange routes within those areas you can indeed fix it yourself. From OpenStreeMap: OpenStreetMap is built by a community of mappers that...
  3. Patronus

    Calendar Integration?

    The S & X have integration of your phone's calendar on the display. From there you can simply tap an address in an event and that becomes your map destination. I also understand that the map can simply list your appointment addresses for that day for you. I own a mobile business so I live by...

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