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  1. Mike

    How-To TM3, LR RWD, once a year DIY brake caliper lubrication/inspection

    Hi all, I'm approaching my first anniversary of ownership and wish to remove the calipers for an annual inspection/lubrication (of the sliders). Taking a look at the information out there so far: Thanks to @MountainPass for the excellent rear brake caliper/parking brake details here...
  2. SoFlaModel3

    Mobile Service is great (cool pics within)!

    Tesla came out today via Mobile Service to replace my damaged glovebox door. 30 minutes pain free (though he said it’s a 10 minute job on Model S). I managed to snap some cool pics of the dash disassembled though...
  3. cain04

    Rust Proofing (Toronto and Surrounding Area)

    Hello everyone, I know this has been debated back and forth about whether or not the Model 3 needs rust proofing or not but I had a horrible experience witht he first car I bought 13 years ago and I feel like I should be proactive. I would love to do it myself using the other thread from user...
  4. AZ_M3

    Planning on white seats? Check out this interior cleaner

    Exterior and interior color are the only things I've yet to decide on for my 3 confi, and since I'm really interested in the unique white synthetic seat option, this may be the deciding factor that drives exterior choice. Since I have nothing but time on my hands I decided to check the seats out...
  5. DarrylH

    Maintenance Plan for Model 3 inline with S & X pricing?

    Hi, based on the pricing recently revealed for the packages and options does anyone believe the pricing will be similar to that of S and X for maintenance plans? Nothing has ever been mentioned by Tesla about this for 3 and given the higher than anticipated pricing matrix I am trying to figure...
  6. PcGuy

    Maintenance Plans - Yes, DIY or in part

    I haven't seen anyone discuss in great detail their thoughts on teslas maintenance plans. After reading through the plans and Tesla's "recommendations" (which really feel mandatory), some of it seems superfluous and costly. While I'm sure the cost of maintenance plans for the model 3 will...
  7. justinrc

    Model S paint (mentioned in episode)

    Hi everyone, I have reserved a Model 3 but am starting to contemplate getting a Model S instead of waiting. Recently there was an episode of M3OC where various paint options were discussed. In the episode there was 1 type of paint that was highly criticised as being difficult to maintain and...