1. Timyorba

    Gigafactory1 Jacket

    I know there are some Tesla super fans out there looking for this jacket. I am trying to fund the building of my house by auctioning or selling my Tesla Gigafactory1 Corporate jacket that I got while working at Gigafactory1, with the Gagafactory1 sewn in and Red logos. This jacket is not...
  2. T

    SOLD 2015 Model S P85D L $44,800 in suburban Philadelphia Pennsylvania

    Immaculate P85D L for sale in suburban Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Black/Black with carbon fiber interior Autopilot Dual Chargers - Up to 80 Amps This car has the T-Sportline front bumper refresh. Mileage- 55,000 Sunroof ludicrous upgrade heated steering wheel front and rear heated seats OEM...
  3. A

    For Sale 2016 Model X P90D with only 16K miles for sale in central Florida

    Selling my X P90D with ludicrous +, autopilot, new home charging cable, towing package, current software, ventilated seats, MSRP new $149,500. Only 16K miles in great shape. Want 82,500. Make me an offer. Located about 30 min north of Orlando.
  4. TrevP

    No, I want my mommy. Ludicrous+ is here

    Man I love Tesla's sense of humour ;)
  5. TrevP

    Looks like Ludicrous mode is confirmed for Model 3