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  1. dperk

    Model Y wiring, 12v tap, accessories, switched circuits, ambient lighting, mods, radar, amp leads, etc.

    OK - tried to fit all that into a title for easy searching. I couldn't find any threads of anyone tapping into circuits of the MY and don't know how similar it is to the Model 3. I ordered an ambient laser light kit from @Djgabriel2004 and want to knock that out one day soon. I also understand...
  2. AO - Pete

    Hi, my name is...

    Hi all We've been a little remiss in introductions, so here we are :) I'm @AO - Pete, accompanied by my better half @AO - Christal. For those that don't know, AO is a 'British-American' Texas company established in 2013 as a hobby to help contain the slippery Model S key. Since then we've...
  3. MelindaV

    Aftermarket seller list

    Here's a list of sites selling Model 3 specific parts/accessories: EVAnnex AbstractOcean RPMTesla TSportLine what other Model 3 / Tesla specific sellers have you found?
  4. Scrutmonkey

    LED strip Trunk Lighting

    I got bored. I did this mod to the trunk on my old Hybrid Altima. I ran two 12v LED strips and spliced them into the side Led wiring. I can see in the TM3’s dark rear cave-like trunk now.