key fob

  1. Redboot

    Model 3 fob doesn't start car! Ver 2 might?

    When the Model 3 fob came out, I immediately bought two. BUYERS REMORSE! I couldn't find out how to get it to start the car. Turns out it DOESN'T. I even spoke to someone at the dealership and they said, "No, it doesn't do that." Has there ever been another car where you are given the key...
  2. E

    Question Why is only one Key Fob recognized?

    So my parents took delivery of a Model X a week ago after my Model 3 proved its chops for a year. So I was trying to set up driver profiles For them and link a key to each profile. For some reason, I can only link to “Key Fob 2”. I tried leaving one key in the house and seeing if that would...
  3. Rich M

    The Simpsons predicted the Model 3 Key Fob

    I'm a bit behind on watching, but Season 29 Episode 21 aired May 20, 2018. It shows Dr. Morton (a non-recurring character and Tesla fan boy) in his office with a picture of his Model 3 and a key fob that looks very similar to the one elektrek posted much later.
  4. 96s46p

    [Confirmed] Model 3 key fob is coming!

    FOB may be available (or at least announced) as early as next month based on this new filing. Typically the short term confidentiality dates are aligned with when the product begins sales and marketing. It is set at 9/20 so we will get to see the photos and user manual then...
  5. Travelwolf

    model 3 rfid chip put into homemade "fob"- success!

    So I saw a couple of videos about people who have dissolved the plastic on their transportation cards to get out the rfid chip and then placed the chip in a key fob of their own making. Has anyone tried something similar with model 3's keycard? would love to know if anyone has and, if it worked...