1. kenriko

    Model 3 Door Trim Kits

    - DOOR KITS - Matte Black: Carbon Fiber: Brushed Black:
  2. kenriko

    Model 3 Console Wraps

    I'm a proud sponsor of M3OC and got this nifty new forum to talk to you guys. Any questions, ideas etc. This is the place to post them. Available from Amazon with free Prime shipping for $29.50 - Console Kits - Matte Black: Available here...
  3. kenriko

    Open Source DIY Model 3 Door Trim Wrap Template

    Template Here: The project is hosted on Github with a GPL v3 Licence. If you have any questions here is the place to post them. This template should be compatible with most Vinyl Plotters on the market including commercial brands like Roland...