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    SALES LIVE ON THE WEBSITE! Thanks for your support $10 off Jeda USB Hub: jedahub $20 off Jeda Wireless Pad: jedapad $40 off Jeda Bundle: jedabundle
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    12v Socket Installation PDF Instruction Manual

    We created a 12v socket informational PDF for use with the Jeda Wireless Pad. This can be done to free up the front USB ports and/or provide fast charging to the Jeda Wireless Pad. For any questions feel free to comments below! PDF attached.
  3. bschuhma

    Do **NOT** do business with Jeda!

    I've been awaiting my Jeda USB hub and charging pad since 8/1. Based on their website, it was supposed to ship within 3 weeks of the order date. On 8/19 I asked them where the "hey it shipped" email was, which was supposed to precede the delivery with a tracking number by a couple days. They...
  4. TrevP

    Product Review Jeda USB Hub for Model 3 is here!

    Have the people at Jeda answered our prayers? First look at the new @getjeda USB hub for the Tesla Model 3! Have your prayers been answered??