1. JWardell

    V10 Feature: Smart Summon

    Well your wait is finally over, v10 with Smart Summon is finally rolling out to the public in 2019.32.10!! Please be careful when using it, and make sure it is in a quiet lot, with your car within sight at all times, and get ready to run and jump in if it gets stuck in an embarrassing place...
  2. NYer

    Issues with Model 3 range estimates.

    I charged my very new Model 3 over night, resulting in a range of 279 miles before I drove away from home. After driving 53 miles, the Model 3 showed that I had 190 miles of range remaining, vs. the 226 miles I would have expected. Should I be concerned? I wasn't driving aggressively.
  3. C

    Refund issue

    Hi there, I was excited to be able to order a model 3 in June as the Ontario, Canada government was offering a generous rebate. When the rebate was scrapped unfortunately I was forced to cancel my order. I was told by Tesla customer support that the 4200$ refund woud take up to 2 months to...
  4. PNWmisty

    What's wrong with my Model 3?

    I can't hear any fan-generated high-frequency noise, my horn honks everytime I press it (and sounds nice too), the wind noise is lower than most other cars, my LTE wireless data works reliably, my doors always unlock when I touch the door handle, my ambient footwell lights work fine, there are...
  5. TheyCallMeJohn

    Insufficient Power Warning & Screen Goes Out

    So not sure if this should go under "Maintenance and Repair" but I had an issue yesterday where when I got in the car and tried to put it into drive it said it had insufficient power to start. Battery was reading around 60% to 70%. After a minute or two the warning went away and the car started...
  6. Z

    Rattle from behind steering wheel

    My model 3 has a rattling noise coming from behind the steering wheel. It can be heard at lower speeds when driving on a slightly bumpy surface. Every morning I hear it driving out on the smaller streets and pulling into a parking lot. The rattling is drown out by wind noise when going at...
  7. MelindaV

    skipping and jumping

    in the last week or so it seems the forum is acting funny. When opening a thread from the "Alerts" link, instead of going directly to the post linked in Alerts it may open at the top of the page. Or may go to a post a few below the linked post. Or goes to the correct post then immediately...
  8. RSSFeed

    Model S/X Suspension Issues

    The news of NHTSA regulators looking into a potential problem with the Tesla Model S’ suspension blew up yesterday after literally hundreds of media outlets, from Reuters to the NY Times, picked up the story. There are a lot of misleading headlines and reports out there right now so let’s focus...