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    High Beams Turning on During the Day

    I have been having issues with my high beams ever since I got my car in 2018, and all the technicians will ever say is that it is a software issue and a future patch might fix it. Here is what is happening: High beams turn on in partial light situations (morning, evening, tree cover, cloudy...
  2. X

    Hood paint defects?

    After washing the car I see ~8 spots all on the hood that looks like a paint defects. It looks like the clear coat paint is coming off but not sure. Is it a paint issue or just normal wears? I've tried to rub with microfiber towel but couldn't get rid of it and I don't feel any bumps. The car...
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    Model 3 vs Leaf suspensions/ride

    After 3 weeks of ownership, the worse thing about the Model 3 is the ride on city streets: It rides like a pick-up truck on Los Angeles' and San Francisco's concrete streets. Very disappointing.