1. T

    Question Telephone Bluetooth Audio Quiet iPhone

    Hi I’m on 2021.12.25.7 in a Model 3 and my Bluetooth telephone call audio paired with my iPhone is extremely quiet on the other end. I’ve been into a service centre, they have paired their android phones and it is acceptable. This seems to be iPhone specific. Anybody else had a similar problem?
  2. L

    I get an echo on my phone

    Can one of you smart tech people help me? I've owned the Model 3 for four months now. For the first three months of ownership, I was able to talk on my iPhone 11 and everything was crystal clear. My callers didn't even know that I was driving and using the car speakers. But about a month ago...
  3. VroomVroom18

    For Sale: Jeda Wireless Charging Pad for Model 3

    Hi! I have a brand-new, SEALED Jeda wireless charging pad for sale for the Model 3. The retail on this is $99 + $10 shipping. I'll sell it for $90 and will pay the shipping fee to you. Please message me if interested, or if you have questions. Thanks!
  4. G

    iPhone car speakerphone issues

    On multiple occasions I've had difficulty with both inbound and outbound calls changing from my model 3's speakerphone to the iphone handset, refusing to go back and stay on the model 3 when I select it on the phone. I've cycled the bluetooth on the phone for the model 3, also uninstalled and...
  5. MRinPDX

    Auto unlock fails sometimes

    Sorry if this has been discussed already (I just couldn't find a thread searching the forums). I have noticed a little too frequently that when I approach my Model 3 the door will not unlock and the dashpad will instruct me to use the key card to unlock. It appears often though not always after...
  6. JWardell

    My DIY perfect phone mount

    I always like to drive with Waze running, and I try to mount my phone in a secure location close to my line of sight. I thought and tried a number of mounts for my Model 3 but wasn't satisfied with location, plus they were big and ugly when not in use and disrupted the minimal dash. I really...
  7. TeslaDriving

    Problem making and receiving phone calls with iPhone 8

    I have had Model 3 about 1 week. I am having intermittent problems using my phone (iPhone 8 with iOS 11.2.5) to answer and make phone calls. The phone app works fine to lock/unlock car and control other features. I can listen to music from my phone via Bluetooth, although at first this was an...